Monday, October 13, 2014

A Bad Night

Tonight was a bad night.
One of those nights where
every. little. thing. goes wrong
To start it off, there was a lot more of this...
...Than this...
(although, isn't that an adorable picture?)
It was the kind of night where
I try to cram in a ton of stuff and fail at EVERY ONE.
I bake a cake, only to find out the oil was rancid
(yes, oil goes rancid. I never knew).
I try a new recipe that turned out so-so.
I refill the pepper grinder only to spill everywhere.
I attempt to open an app on my phone that crashes 5 times in a row.
I get a mega headache, which I try to push off until it only gets worse, and then I'm stranded on the couch downing 4 ibuprofen with an ice pack on my head.
So finally, I decide to just give up and resign myself to the couch,
watching The Notebook and Dirty Dancing on TV.
Tomorrow will be better.
I promise myself.

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