Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Good Night

To counter my post from Monday, today was a good night.

Nothing spectacular.
Just a happy man playing happily with his mama.

 But don't worry, I won't drone on about every second of our night.
Instead, I'll drone on about my random thoughts of today:

1. I am a photo hoarder.
I realize my issue when I am trying to gather photos for Aaron's Baby Book.  
Geez, we take a MILLION photos.
And some of them are terrible,
and yet I STILL keep them!
My inner packrat won't delete them because...
"WHAT IF I some day want to see this blurry photo of
Aaron not looking at the camera
especially since the next picture is him doing the exact same thing
AND looking at the camera!"

2.  What did moms do before mommy blogs and pinterest?
Example: tonight we ate Lemon Pesto Pasta, which I discovered from one of my favorite mommy blog 3 Ladies and their Gent .

And after dinner, I gave Aaron an empty milk carton and clothes pins, which he has entertained himself with for a SOLID 30 minutes (is that a record?). Am I a genius for coming up with this?  Hell no.  I saw it from this pin HERE.

3.  I sometimes love my son's toys more than he does.
Like his Little People.  
I would mass-hoard all Little People sets if we had room for them all.
I'm already scheming about buying the Little People Nativity for Christmas.
While I was at it, I thought I'd look for Little People Hanukkah Set. 
I found it... for $163.99. 

4. Whenever I accidentally leave the front door unlocked,
I am forever paranoid that a murderer snuck in and
is hiding somewhere in our house, waiting for us to go to sleep.
Right now, I can tell you I hear EVERY sound in the house and
am checking the video monitor every 5.2 seconds.

5. I just got word that Adam caught the 7:15 train home, 
but says he has to do work.
But MAYBE just MAYBE he will get done early 
and we can FINALLY watch the Season Premiere of the Walking Dead 
which we missed on Sunday as we opted to watch the [fantastic] Eagles game instead.
Priorities, priorities.
Of course, by now, I've read a few spoilers,
but in all honesty, spoilers don't deter me from watching something.
In this case, I think it was better I find out because the 
"spoiler" was an interesting post about filming horribly baby scenes in movies
I HATE horrible baby scenes (they haunt me), so knowing - in advance - that this is coming in the Walking Dead, just helps to prepare me and I can close my eyes.

6. I am also obsessed with buying clothes for my child.
I generally prefer the classic/preppy look of GAP.
(I don't really know if GAP is classic or preppy, but I do know I like GAP)
Although every now and then I find my Secret Hipster mom
and fall in love with a Black Shirt with Glow-in-the-Dark skulls (Old Navy)
or a Snoopy Pumpkin Shirt (Target).

7. #6 above reminded me that this is the time of year for
the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
Which then reminded me that because our DVR player is still in the man cave,
I have to go down to record a show I want to watch up in the living room.
Adding to the weekend to do list?  Swap DVR and cable boxes.

8. Our internet sucks tonight. 
Apparently rainy Wednesday nights are prime net-surfing nights around here.
Between #5 above and #8 here (I tried shutting down and restarting my computer), 
Adam walked in and I told him the internet was down... 
and the look on his face was pure horror.
The Big Law Firm World MUST have internet!
Fortunately, unplugging the modem fixes everything.

9. When I started this blogpost, I had 3 items.
This is what happens when I'm left alone.
I should really round it out to an even 10 

10. I have a sore throat, 
which I'm using as my excuse to drink on a Wednesday night
with the classic "Hot Toddy" : hot water, honey, lemon, and my good friend Jack Daniels.
Ah, so soothing!

(PS: At the top of this post, I said I wouldn't drone on about the events of tonight.
I am also a liar)

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