Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evening Routine Challenges

Some evenings, I'm like: "I GOT THIS" 
and some evenings are a total fail with a capital F

Lessons I'm learning: PATIENCE 
Did I mention patience?

First of all, I can't multitask. 
This is particularly hard for me. 
I like my house neat and orderly 
(my mother is beaming with pride) 
so when there's STUFF thrown everywhere, 
I get the URGE. 
You know, the NEED to CLEAN. 
(please tell me you just heard Goose and Maverick "the need for speed!"  Ok, just me)

I mentioned before that I may try to make dinner with Aaron around, 
and 100% of the time that has proved to be an EPIC failure. 

The truth is that for the 3-4 hours between Daycare and Bed, 
Aaron needs 100% of my attention. 
And 150% of my patience. 

When I was reading the book "Nurture by Nature" 
(which I blogged about, of course) 
I learned was that many children of certain personalities need to take time with transitions.  In talking with my sister-in-law on Sunday (our nephew is 7 months older than Aaron), I think this may be just normal for all toddlers. 

When I get to daycare, Aaron doesn't want to leave right away.
He wants to run around and show mommy all the toys he played with today. 
And maybe do one last slide or tunnel run.
We finally get to the car, but no!  Not car seat!
First we have to point at all the lights in the car 
and look out the back window. 
Once home, we linger on the front porch. 
Especially so when it's raining, because hey look, wet leaves = FUN. 
Sometimes we spend 20 minutes on the front porch.  
Meanwhile, I'm in my dress pants/skirt, blouse, and 4" heels. 
Mama needs her yoga pants.

If there's ever a Teaching Moment for me as a mom, it's this. 

I really should learn this faster, too, 
because our most successful evenings are always 
when I have patience and take our time and let him be a toddler. 

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