Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Morning Routine

I'm totally jinxing this...
but I think we found our Morning Routine.

Alarm goes off at 5:45 and in classic ME fashion
 I push snooze for as long as I humanly can.
I have found that the sound of Aaron's voice over the monitor 
wakes me up 10x faster than any alarm, 
even if he's just happy and playing.
It's like I'm programmed to not sleep through my child being awake.

Eventually some time after 6 (sometimes closer to 6:30), 
we roll out of bed and jump in the shower.
I then get Aaron up and dressed
(because I like to pick out his outfit)
This is always where Aaron FREAKS OUT because he has to get his diaper changed.

Once dressed, Aaron is set FREE
His morning favorite is to sit on my makeup vanity playing with all the bottles 
and asking that I turn on the "ya!" (water) which I refuse every morning.
Yet he still asks.  Every morning.

Once I'm presentable, I finish filling out Aaron's daycare morning sheet,
Grab my lunch from the fridge and GO
Out the door by 7ish,
And at work by 7:15ish.

Adam is in charge of breakfast.
Adam will eat the same thing for about 6 months straight.
Aaron, like me, will eat the same breakfast for a few weeks,
then demand something new.
The last breakfast theme was homemade bran muffins ("mah-mah")
and now he's moved on to stealing Daddy's Cracklin' Oats.
I have everything laid out for Adam in advance
(because I'm an over-planner control-freak)
So after breakfast, the boys hang out, doing whatever they please.
Which usually includes one 11-minute Thomas the Train episode.

Around 8am, I get the post-drop-off phone call and update.
Then Adam is on the train to the city for Big Law Firm World
and I'm back to work in my cozy finance job.

As for AFTER work?  
Well, we're still working on that.
We still have more meltdowns than good nights.

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