Friday, October 10, 2014

New Routines Suck

New routines suck.

All summer, we had a really good routine.
My job every morning was to get myself out the door.  Not hard.
Adam was entirely responsible for Aaron, and although my little man loved to hang around "mama", I didn't have to add time in my morning routine just for him.  
After work, Adam, Aaron, and I would hang out, cook dinner, go to the park, etc.
Very quaint family time.

Big Law Firm World changed all of that.

The first day was definitely the hardest.
Aaron could sense something was wrong (children are like puppies - they just know).
When we finally told him: "Say bye-bye.  Daddy is going to work," my little mama's boy BURST into tears and clung to Daddy like he never has before.

Also, daycare drop-off is tough.
I realize that MILLIONS (billions?) of moms across America do this regularly.
But to me, it's enough to throw off my entire day.
Not only is it a logistical nightmare for a non-morning person (ahem, me!)
But it also has the gut-wrenching moment when Aaron cries 'mama' as I walk out.
Seriously, so sad.

I then left work at 4 to pick Aaron up, and when we get home it's "ok, what now?"
Yesterday, we went right to the park, where we played a little but mostly stared and pointed at passerby runners like paparazzi. Then we came home, ate leftovers, had a bath and went to bed.
Day 1 survived!

Day 2 has been better [so far].
Adam dropped off Aaron at daycare because training didn't start till 9am.  Aaron didn't cry for Daddy-drop-off and I was able to get to work at an appropriate hour.

My struggle going forward is this... DINNER??????
Option 1: Cook dinner when I get home.  Eat newly-cooked dinner every night.
Option 2: Cook dinner after Aaron goes to bed.  Eat warmed-up leftovers every night.

The major issue with Option 1 is that after daycare, Aaron wants MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY.
The major issue with Option 2 is that sometimes after "surviving" an evening of Motherhood, I'm too exhausted to cook a full meal.  Plus, if Adam miraculously gets home early, I'd like to spend time with him too.

Tonight we dine at my parents', so the test will be next Monday.
I'm more inclined for Option 2, but time will tell.

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