Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Welcome to my New Blog

Welcome to my new blog!

I first started blogging over two years ago when I found out I was pregnant and decided to hop on the "bump update" wagon.  It was an entirely pregnancy-turned-new-mom blog, but now I'm looking to branch out.

Branch out to what?  I have no idea.

I'm sure the blog will contain a fair amount of baby/toddler.
(After all, 99% of my life is my child.  The other 1% is mostly wine.)
But as to the rest of my everyday life, who knows.

The only thing for certain is that this blog will provide an outlet for my Highly Extrovert Self, since my husband is now starting his first job in the Big Law Firm World.  

Big Law Firms require obscenely long hours (just like Big Accounting Firms or Doctor Rotations or other life-sucking careers) and I will need something to occupy myself after Aaron goes to bed and I am freaking out that every noise is an intruder coming to kill us.

So yeah...
 (fyi, I have a terrible habit of starting my sentences with "so yeah")
... here is my blog!

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