Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yin and Yang

Let me preface this by saying that I am ABSOLUTELY
going to butcher this.
But watch me go anyway.
So the Chinese have a concept called Yin and Yang
Which focuses on the balance of the universe
And sometime way back in middle school,
the black-white curvy symbol
(look at my awesome description!)
had a brief moment of popularity in the tween accessories crowd.
And most importantly, up until about 10 seconds ago when I Wikipedia-ed it,
I thought it was "Ying Yang" but that's wrong
It's Yin-Yang.
Only one "Y"
There, you've learned something today.  You can thank me later.
Anyway, I'd describe this weekend as Yin and Yang,
a perfect natural balance of good and bad.
Friday was astoundingly good. 
(drum roll please)
...PA Bar Exam results came out and ADAM PASSED.
I mean, of course, he was going to pass.
The kid whose #1 in his class at Villanova Law School isn't going to fail the bar.
But you never know.
This is, of course, crucial because I can ACTUALLY call myself a "Lawyer's Wife"
and not "a soon-to-be lawyer's wife"
We celebrated by Aaron spiking a fever and calling the doctor to schedule a Saturday morning appointment.
We also popped a bottle of champagne and watched X-Men: Days of Future Past
which I fell asleep during because of said bottle of champagne.
Oh yeah, we party hard.
Rock on.
Welp, because Friday was SUCH a good day,
the universe couldn't let us actually enjoy the weekend.  OH NO.
Not only did Aaron get a prescription of antibiotics for his ear infection
But I came down with a NASTY sore throat,
that has turned me into a Napping Queen.
3 naps Saturday morning and then 1 long football nap this afternoon.
Now, while I'm a big fan of whining about my trials and tribulations
I also can appreciate putting things in perspective.
In other words, this may be a crappy weekend sick-wise,
But at least this delightful creature doesn't exist on our continent...
Because if it EVER does, I will move to Europe.
Like stat.

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