Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Give Up Day

Some days I just feel like giving up. 

And I certainly don't mean in the morbid suicidal way, 
but like the "lie on the couch and zone out in front of the tv" day.

As a very Type A person, these days are plagued with GUILT. 
"I should be doing something." 
Or more often... 
"I should be actively engaging with my child." 

I'm really not into TV watching. 
I'm just as happy having a productive evening and then reading a book in bed to unwind.  

Plus, we all know that excess TV is detrimental to children's brain development.

Of course, I am a firm believer in Exception Days. 
Like really Sick Days. 
I also believe in Moderation, 
which is why I like Thomas & Friends for their 11 minute episodes 
(and lack of frenetic activity). 

But what about "give up days"? 
Y'know, the days where I don't feel like going to the park or playing ball or doing puzzles or essentially being an active mom. 
I feel like being a blob. 
I had guilt about these days pre-mom, but being a mom magnifies that guilt to 150%. 

So a confession about yesterday. 
 (I'm putting this at the bottom of the post so its less prominent 
and most everyone will have abandoned this post in boredom by now). 
Although I work 7-4, and usually walk out the door RIGHT at 4 (or 3:45...) 
yesterday I sat at work until 4:20, 
just so I could zone out on the internet, 
and not have to be an engaged mom. 
 I didn't work. 
I didn't do anything productive. 
I just sat there zoning out to the limitless possibilities the internet provides 
(or, more specifically, the reading content that Buzzfeed and Deadspin provides, 
because those sites produce my favorite shallow entertainment.) 

Finally, I lumbered out of my office chair and drove to the daycare. 
(GUILT GUILT GUILT for leaving my kid there longer)
Well go figure, the daycare was having a late day and the kids were just about to go outside. So Aaron - who is OBSESSED with "siiiiide" (outside) - wanted nothing to do with Mommy, but instead wanted to play with all of the daycare outside toys. 
So be it. 
I hung out with his daycare teachers for upwards of 30 minutes, 
then went home where we crashed on the couch watching two episodes of Thomas. 

Sometimes, you just need a Give Up day.

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