Friday, November 21, 2014

Aaron's Stories

Aaron is rapidly approaching the age where he has a lot to say, 
but not enough words to say it in. 

Although his vocabulary is limited, he wants to tell us about things. 
Here are my favorites. 

On the way home from daycare... 

Aaron: "Maya." 
(reference: Maya is the little girl at daycare he has a total crush on) 
Me: "What about Maya?" 
A: "Siiiiiide." 
Me: "You went outside?" 
A: "Uh oh." 
Me: "Did something go uh oh outside." 
A: "Maya. Uh oh." 
Me: "Maya went uh oh outside?" 
Story is complete.  
We'll never find out exactly what happened to Maya.

One night after visiting MomMom/PopPop's house, 
who have a beautiful porcelain polar bear from Alaska... 
PopPop = "BopPop"
MomMom = "Mama" (same as "Mommy")

Aaron: "Bayer." 
Me: "Yes, did you see a bear today?"
A: "BopPop" 
Me: "Yes, PopPop has a bear."
A: "Mama." 
Me: "Yes, MomMom has a bear too." 
A: :: growling noise :: 
Me: "Yes, bear growls."
 End story.

Another on way home from daycare... 
A: "Nuk" (Milk)
Me: "Did you have milk at daycare?" 
A: "Uh oh." 
Me: "Did the milk go uh oh?" 
A: "Faah. Nuk." 
Me: "Did the milk fall down at daycare?" 
End Story. 


  1. Funny that you mention this because the twins are always yelling out random words in the backseat but it never occurred to me that they were trying to tell stories rather than just practice having toddler Tourette's!

    Also, your comments don't have the email-enabled response so I can't email you back when you comment on my blog!! That means I might have to officially request your e-mail address so I can respond and commiserate with you :)

  2. Argh, I tried to respond and it still won't work! But now I know your name's Emily (for some reason your third comment showed up from a different profile- maybe your old blog?)

  3. Annnnnnd your blog says "Hi I'm Emily!" on the right hand side, so how I missed that, I have no idea...