Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Decorating

Thanksgiving is done... 
Hooray!  Hooray! 
I love Christmas. 
I love gift-giving. 
I love gift-getting. 
I love Christmas music. 
And I LOVE Christmas decorations. 
Black Friday is our Christmas-decorating day.
And by "our" I mean MINE.
The Grinch Adam brings up the boxes from the basement. 
And then returns them to the basement. 
I decorate. 
I was particularly excited for this year, 
because Aaron (at 20 months) is finally at the age of appreciation. 
Maybe not appreciate Christmas, per se, but appreciate the decorations. 
And oh how he did. 
I did all the decorating while he was napping, then brought Aaron down for the SURPRISE. 
He was SO psyched. 
He pointed to every ornament, snowflake, and light. 
Repeating each one. 
We also gave him his first present to open. 

His first Nativity! 

He has played with it every moment since. 
 And he knows who Baby Jesus is. 
And by "knows" I mean he can pick out the Baby Jesus Little People. 
To which Adam immediately starts with 
This is a hopeless, heathen house. 
And now time for our tour... 


Our Window Sill Christmas Village. 

 My Precious Moments Nativity. 
Complete with little flickering electric tea lights I found buried in the boxes. 
And a whole mess of random decorations I've kept since childhood.
And finally, our little fake tree, 
complete with Aaron's first present.
 Aaron LOVES LOVES LOVES the tree.
We often find him sitting in the corner, just looking at the tree.
As for being "gentle" with the tree, 
I'd give him a solid A+. 

We've stressed "one finger" touching of the tree. 
It took about 24 hours to catch on. 
He had some particular temptation with our White House Car Ornament. 

The first evening with the tree, 
I'm lying on the couch and I hear from under the dining room table: 
"Cah!  Cah!" 
(Car Car)
 "Aaron, what do you have?" 

My sweet innocent angel child RUNS out from under the table, 
TOSSES the car ornament at the tree, 
and runs away shaking his head "Noooo!  Noooo!  Noooo!" 

One of those parenting moments where you have to leave the room because you are laughing so hard. 

Coming up this week, 
I'm going to be posting my other favorite part of Christmas 

I know you are just BITING YOUR NAILS in anticipation.

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  1. Love the decorations, and love the one finger rule idea! I just posted on facebook about my most recent conversation with Clara in regards to their little people nativity set:
    Me: Where's baby Jesus?
    Clara: Ho ho ho!

    Oh, toddlers...