Friday, November 7, 2014

Dinner Fails

I mentioned before how making dinner with Aaron around is a guaranteed failure. 

just because something fails 100% of the time 
doesn't mean I won't try it again! 
Because maybe the 50th time will be different and my stats record will change.


Wednesday night (after Aaron went to bed), I pre-made these meatballs here, using organic chicken sausage (ooohhh, look at me using organic!).  Due to a previous organic chicken spoilage incident, I'm SUPER paranoid about organic meat spoilage.  After all, there's far less preservative crap in organic, so it makes logical sense that organic would spoil faster. 

Not wanting to spoil, I put the raw meatballs in the freezer overnight, 
 then took them out the next morning, 
thinking they'd unfreeze during the day and ready for cooking at night. 


At 5pm, Meatballs were still frozen SOLID.

Welp, guess we'll wait another day for these. 

But before I embarked on new dinner plans (PBJ being my go-to backup), 
I decided to finish up the sauce for the meatballs (for the next night). 
While adding ketchup to the recipe, 
Aaron AVIDLY declares "EH! EH! EH! 'DIS!" 
Translation: "I want THAT!" 

So I gave Aaron a wee bit ketchup. 
Thinking he'd hate it. 
Oh how I was wrong. 

As soon as he was finished...
"Mo! Mo! Mo!" 

At this point, I had the brilliant idea to make grilled cheese for dinner because hey, grilled cheese can be dipped in ketchup! 
(And yes, so can chicken nuggets, but we don't own chicken nuggets) 

Dinner:  Solved.

After grilled cheese, we go play. 
But 30 minutes later, Aaron is hungry. 
So back to the kitchen we go. 
This time with our Fisher Price's Little People Doggy. 
Aaron points to pantry : "EH EH EH DIS!" 
And after going through the usual options: 
"Cereal...?" "Noooo!" 
"Banana...?" "Noooo!"
"Cheerios....?"  "Noooo!" 
"Goldfish...?"  "Noooo!" 
"Applesauce...?"  "DIS" (giggle) 
(because giggle is a dialect of "DIS") 

Applesauce, no problem. 
Except that instead of eating with a spoon, he insists on using... Doggy. 
Apparently Little People can double as utensils. 

And that is the story of last night's dinner fails. 
I'm sure there will be PLENTY more to come. 
Because I never learn my lesson. 
100% failure rate is not a guarantee... it's a challenge! 

The meatballs were finally thawed and they were DELICIOUS. 
Aaron gobbled up SIX meatballs. 
I used gruyere instead of fontina (because i'm an idiot who didn't read the recipe right) 
and put it over rice instead of squash, 
but the point is that it received RAVE reviews from Adam and Aaron alike. 
Plus proved that the meatballs are durable in surviving my freeze-and-thaw disaster. :)

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