Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween '14

Per the usual, I'm late to the party. 
Halloween is sooooooo last week. 
And everyone else got their Halloween posts out on Monday like good bloggers. 
So here's me, bringing up the rear. 

Let's get this out of the way:

I confess. 
I'm not that into Halloween. 
Halloween is where creative people and their creative minds shine. 
I am not one of those. 
Every year Halloween was the stressful experience of figuring out a costume that wasn't too lame, especially compared to all the creative people around me. 

Also, thanks to my Conservative Christian upbringing, 
we didn't do a lot of Halloween stuff.  
Like, I never watched any of the typical Halloween movies. 
The other night I tried watching Hocus Pocus to see if I could catch the Halloween fever. 

Maybe I'm just the Grinch of Halloween. 
What would that make me? 
A pastor? 
Heh, kidding.
BUT, I do have a HUGE appreciation for other people's creativeness. 
I love handing out candy to the cute kids in costumes. 
And my coworkers who dress up are extremely amusing.

 So this year, I decided to try. 
(With the help of Pinterest, of course.)

Here's my compiled creative moments 
(and my objective grading scale):

Pumpkin Coloring 
Thanks to this pin here, I taped off a face and let Aaron color it with a marker 
(we didn't have any paint  - bad mommy). 
I cut out the face outline several days early, so the juices from the pumpkin oozed out and help to "glue" the scotch tape down so it didn't come off with the marker.
Overall, Aaron wasn't particularly into it, so I helped to fill in the empty spots. 
Grade: C

Witch's Hats. 
These were my favorite. Inspired by the pin here.
3 Store-bought items = 
Keebler Striped Fudge Cookies + Orange Tube Icing + Hershey Kiss. 
They were 10x more delicious than shown in this terrible photo.
Grade: A

Candy Corn Fruit Cups. 
Wait, what? 
I know, you can't tell a damn thing from the photo. 
They were supposed to look like this here 
except I didn't have the candy corn 
and my photography blows.
Good thing I'm never enrolling in art class.

Aaron's Costume.  
Bought unopened at a consignment sale for $8, 
so I call it a big win in the cheap department. 
Plus, he was the MOST adorable kid ever. 
Seriously.  Adorbs. 
Grade: A+

 Because all golfers carry sippy cups - gotta hydrate!

And for all those times I said I don't have a photo of me with my child... 

Why do kids never smile in photos where their parents look awesome? 
It's a conspiracy.

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