Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Victories

Sometimes in a rough night, the littlest victories are the best. 

Although usually I'm the one whining about how tough my life is, 
tonight I have to let Aaron take the credit. 
He had a REALLY ROUGH night. 
He came home from daycare with the WORST diaper rash I'd ever seen. 
So painful, he didn't want to sit down in the tub. Just broke my heart. 

 Then, it was a nasty head bump on the door frame.   
Tears and "ow" while touching his head.
He points to the door "Dooh!" 
And I say: "Bad door!" in hopes of making him giggle (success). 

Then, a nasty fall off our bed with a loud head bump on the floor. 
More tears. No giggles this time. 

All around, a rough night. 

But there were very small victories. 

Like the Leaning Tower of Sippy Cups:

For me, my small victory came in the form of a Bra Purge. 
When my favorite bra strap snapped, I finally made my way to Victoria's Secret to buy a replacement. 

And no shocker, but after 9 months pregnancy + 14 months nursing, my bra size changed. 
So while I've been wearing my pre-pregnancy 34B bras since I stopped nursing 
(and reluctantly packed away my glorious Bravado nursing bras)
I'm actually a 34C. 

Buying two new bras (black multi-way and nude "Incredible"
... because I know you were curious), 
I came home to empty my bra drawer. 

Inventory of 34B bras (all Victoria's Secret): 
  • 1 ridiculously bad push-up (bought in... wait for ... HIGHSCHOOL) 
  • 1 ill-fitting white lace bra (def early college) 
  •  3 strapless bras (where was I going that I was constantly strapless?)
  • 1 terribly-uncomfortable-but-oh-so-pretty black lace bra 
  • 1 standard pink bra (the one i've worn non-stop)
  • 2 gel-padded plunge multi-way bras

6 bras in the trash. 
I kept the pink and black lace one. 
I need back-ups; its a security thing. 

But yeah, 6 bras in the trash. 
Talk about... 
:: cue William Wallace :: 

Also note that I've talked about bras for the last 5 paragraphs or so. 

Also, if you're curious, the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs on Dec 9th. 
Because I love the music and the pretty "outfits" 
(bras + panties + wings = oooohhh). 

Also, I have now started 3 sentences with "also."

Time to end this. 

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