Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Kitchen is Trying to Break Up with Me

My kitchen is trying to break up with me. 
It keeps giving me all these subtle hints that it doesn't want me around. 
I am standing strong, but I fear this is a losing battle. 
And soon our relationship will be unrepairable. 

Let's recap: 

First there were the frozen meatballs 

And tonight, my kitchen hit me TWO big whoppers: 

First, the shattered measuring cup: 

(cue Aaron's little voice "uh-oh, uh-oh")

And then Spiced Rum Cupcakes with the forgotten oil: 

When I googled "cupcakes without oil" the response was that the cupcakes could be ok, but they would just be very dry. 
However, when I taste-tested one, the one without oil was actually INSANELY moist 
... maybe even TOO wet (maybe its the 3/4 cup of rum??). 
Tomorrow I'll do a comparison between the half with the oil and the half without. 

Short Story: My Kitchen Hates Me.

Yet, no matter how cruel my kitchen treats me, 
Aaron still loves the kitchen like the greatest play toy of all times.

now the fridge water dispenser. 

He figured out how to push the lever with the water bottle... 

... So the water comes pouring out on him. 

It's so funny that I can't even bear to tell him no. 

:: laughing :: 
"Ya!  Ya!" 
(Water! Water!) 
:: laughing :: 
"Ya! Ya!"  

Yes, yes, Aaron, water is fun.

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