Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Blurbs from The Day

Tonight I was supposed to cook this blush mac&cheese for tomorrow night's dinner, 
but I got distracted by a mountain of pkgs and am now sitting here writing a blogpost.
Looks like we'll have buttery noodles again tomorrow night! 
Nutrition at it's finest: white carbs and pure fat. 
My dietician mother would be so proud.

 On the flip side of our unhealthy meal, 
I went for a run after work / before daycare pickup.
I started this habit a few months ago when I realized that 4pm is when the kids play outside, and Aaron does NOT want to leave daycare during outside time! 
So I leave work at 4, go for a 2-3.5 mile run, then pick up my baby.

So how was today's run? 
Well, let me sum it up this way.....


Both yesterday and today were a high of 31 degrees. 
 I repeat, 31 degrees.  

(Obv, the daycare does not go outside in this weather, but now Aaron is used to being picked up at 5 so I still run after work.  Just wanted to clarify this so I didn't sound like a horrible mother who picked an insane daycare that lets toddlers outside in 31 degree weather.  Tangent complete.)

I bundled to the max, but still had this awkward exposure between my running leggings and my socks.  Solution? These bright yellow wrist bands from a company event. 
Works great as ankle bands!

This is yet another moment of me being proud of my victorious solution and needing to share it with the general public.

Getting home from work, we had a MOUNTAIN of packages at our front door. 
And while six of them were Christmas gifts 
(because I'm an proactive online shopper like that), 
there were two here-and-now pkgs: 
Aaron's snow gear and my StitchFix!

Aaron looked pretty darn cute in his snow suit. 

Although now that we have the snow suit and boots, 
I can GUARANTEE you that we will not see one snowflake this winter. 
The entire city of Philadelphia should be sending me thank you cards!

I also got my StitchFix box, which I previously blogged about here
I kept 3 amazing shirts and sent back 2 (1 too big and 1 not my style).
I took this fantastic grainy photo to show just how much I love one of the blouses I kept. 
Metallic polka dots on black?  I just died and went to Shirt Heaven.

And onto my favorite humorous moment of the night... 

In order to prep our healthy dinner of buttery pasta, 
I let Aaron play in the [dirty] dishwasher with his Little People. 

I know it sounds BEYOND gross, but I swear there was no raw meat and all the dishes were no older than last night. Judge away, but that's my justification! 

All of a sudden, I hear: 
"Eh!  Eh!  Eh!"

I turn around to this: 

Me: "Aaron, are you stuck?" 
Him: "Eh!" (not releasing finger) 
Me: "Do you need help?" 

Lemme tell you, that finger was stuck GOOD. 
I started planning what oils and butters and vaseline I could use to lube it up. 
But I finally got the finger out, without a chirp of pain from him. 

And what does that thankless little dude do? 
Goes ahead and tries to get it stuck all over again. 

And finally, a throwback to last night:
Let's talk parchment paper.
I made these sweet potato biscuit 
and although I usually just spray the damn cookie sheet, 
the recipe said to use parchment paper. 
Since it was the first time making said biscuits, I complied. 
Fact: I CANNOT properly tear parchment paper. 
It is not in my DNA. 

 And you know what? 
That sad little misshapen biscuit made from scraps that didn't make it onto the parchment paper? 
It turned out just fine!

So take that, Parchment Paper Advocates!

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