Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stupidity and Successes

Before we get into the normal business of laughing at my failures and praising my awesomeness, I want to share this photo with you.

What is going on in this blurry, instagram mess? 
Aaron is practicing his golf swing. 
...From the dining room table. 
It was that moment where I went to say: "NO!" 
and then decided, I should take a picture first. 
THEN say NO.

If Aaron ever becomes a pro golfer (Adam's DREAM), 
I will have several GBs of toddler golf pictures for his documentaries.

 Now, onto our regularly scheduled programming. 

I seem to average at least one dinner fail a week. 
Last week it was frozen meatballs. 
This week, it was baking a casserole, then forgetting to put it in the fridge overnight, and throwing out the ENTIRE CASSEROLE the next morning. 
I made Adam throw it out so I wouldn't cry. 

Leaving us nothing to eat tonight, 
I whipped up these bad boys that were AWESOME. 

 Ezekiel English Muffin Mini Pizzas. 
Basically like a mini thick crust pizza. 
Because I LOVE thick crust pizza. 
I may have been born in NY (the state, not the city) 
and had a poor one-week experience in Chicago, 
but lemme tell you - I'm all about the deep dish Chicago pizza. 
And Ezekiel English Muffin Mini Pizzas are like that in a healthy, delicious form. 


Of course, my dinner failure didn't stop me from recreating the exact same casserole. 
Because I'm stubborn and can't learn my lesson. 
It's out of the oven cooling right now. 
And I have TWO timers to remind me to put it in the fridge. 

Since I know you're already salivating at the grainy picture of my oven, 
I'll good ahead and let you know that it's a Spaghetti Squash Casserole, 
created from a hybrid of this recipe and this recipe 
(because I don't do paleo and I also don't do mushrooms or kale) 

Meanwhile, Adam worked a little extra late tonight, so I whipped out my phone and checked out my "House Projects" list. 
(Lists = life) 
At the top was: 
Unscrew the safety "catches" from the chemical cabinet, 
which we replaced with a Safety 1st Sliding Lock
I'm not sure if we installed the catches wrong (quite possible) 
or if Aaron was too strong (less possible) 
or if the safety catches are garbage (least possible), 
but they didn't work for us. 
And I wasn't going to risk my baby diving into our cleaning cabinet with our bug-killing spray and highly-toxic cleaning supplies (because that's what our cleaning lady likes, and I will NOT cross her!)

So my challenge was to remove the crappy "catches". 

Being me, I decided to bring out the big guns: 

After shredding both screws and not budging them an inch, 
I figured out the best method was actually a basic handheld screwdriver. 

Welp, time to wrap this up. 
One last high-resolution photo to share : 

It is, indeed, snowing. 

I have absolutely zero room to bitch about this, 
because in Upstate NY, there was like 2 feet of snow by Halloween. 
But dammit, snow in the Philadelphia area just sucks. 


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