Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving '14

This Thanksgiving was perfect. 

Which is really a jerk thing to say, 
since my parents were in Hawaii. 
I'm not saying Thanksgiving was better without them, 
I'm just saying it was a perfect day.
Which I really needed after yesterday's killer of a day

The day started off with a slow - but enjoyable - 3.5 mile run. 
I wore my new Underarmour shirt and L.O.V.E.D. it. 
 I normally run 11 minute miles, but today was 12 minute miles. 
 Yes, that was a total brag sentence. 

Got back in time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 
And new this year featured a brand new THOMAS balloon. 
Seriously, our house is obsessed

Like Adam's man cave?  I laid no claim to decorating rights. 
Just wanted to disclaim that.

I told Aaron that Aunt Melissa and Aunt Rebecca were coming 
and he stood at the door waiting with baited breath. 

"Betka!" (Rebecca

We munched on day-old cold pizza. 
(Fun fact: The day before Thanksgiving is #1 day for pizza consumption in US.)
And those of us older than 21 sipped on my way-too-fabulous sangria 
(second brag sentence of this post; trust me, there will be more)
and then my17-yr-old sister drove us all to Adam's parents house. 
Score for underage siblings. 

My go-to wine glass.  You know you want one. 

 At my in-laws, we over-ate copious amounts of Thanksgiving Day fare, 
and then piled in the living room to watch the Eagles KICK BUTT on the Cowboys. 
Woot woot. 

At halftime, we announced "cake time" (pie & oreo truffles). 
Aaron drops his toys and runnnnssss to the dining room shouting "YAYYYYY!!!!" 

Seriously, I didn't even know that my child knew was cake was. 
We never have cake at home. 
Who is feeding my child cake? 

Then BACK to the family room for more Eagles. 
Which included a reading of Cat in the Hat by PopPop. 

And finally, poor Aaron, stuffed full of food and exhaustion, 
demanded to sit in "Mama's" lap and zone out to the "foof-ball" game. 
This child never cuddles. 
Mommy was in bliss. 
My little Turkey.

Again we were chauffeured home in our own car (so spoiled, tehehe), 
and we are now all camped out on the couch watching Divergent. 
Which is probably the one movie that I love 10,000x times more than the book. 

Like I said, a perfect Thanksgiving.

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