Wednesday, November 26, 2014

That Went South So Fast

Today started out great. 
And then it went south all in one hour.

I was working from home since everyone at work is doing the same. 
Of course "working from home" is like 5% work and 95% household stuff. 
Adam took Aaron to daycare and the morning was going so well
Our cleaning lady came which is basically the equivalent of Christmas morning to me. 
I organized Christmas gifts, did laundry, etc. 
Our first "snow" has started and I decided to run last minute errands to the KOP mall and Post Office before both become a clusterf**k of holiday madness. 

The mall was quiet and pretty. 

But the roads were getting slick, so I decided to swing by Aaron's daycare and get him pre-nap so we could come home and not worry about going anywhere this afternoon. 

And that's when it started to go south... 

In the parking lot, I slid into a teacher's car. 
Nothing says "thanks for taking care of my child" like a nice ding on the car bumper! 
I take in my insurance info and apologize profusely to the very-gracious teacher. 
I then proceed to LEAVE my insurance info there and not realize until my drive home. 

Well, I sure as hell am not going back for it now! 
I call the daycare director who laughs at my misfortune (I would too) and says she'll hold it till Monday. 
So basically, we can't get pulled over in the Acura this weekend. 

I get home and realize that Aaron's sleepsack never got to the dryer 
(yes, he still uses the sleepsack at 20 months
so I already know his naptime routine is a mess. 

Of course, I get him down just after 1pm and 56 minutes later he's STILL AWAKE. 
Which really means I should have just left him at daycare to nap and pick him up after. 
Lesson Learned. 

just to top it off... 
I decide to reheat some leftovers from the freezer for my lunch 
and find that our freezer apparently thawed and refroze. 
I have no idea when this happened or how long its been this way. 

Anyone have an idea if the frozen raw chicken and raw pork tenderloins are safe or if I should throw them out?  This is usually a question I ask my mother but she's off having a lovely holiday in Hawaii with my dad. 

 Oh, and about 10 seconds ago, I got a scathing email from work about a crappy file I shouldn't have sent on to some important people. 

:: insert multiple expletives here :: 

I might break out the Thanksgiving Sangria a day early.

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  1. Boo, what a day! But it sounds like the rest of the holiday weekend can only go up from here?? :)

    And sadly, I'm guessing that the meat is no good if it thawed completely before re-freezing :/