Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today in a Smattering of Thoughts

A smattering of the day's thoughts, revelations, and whatnot. 

1. I'm really terrible at photography. 
It's one of the many things I want to be awesome at, but I just am not. 
I seriously considered removing my StitchFix post until I could find a "good" picture of myself.  But let's face it, that could be Never.  
Other areas of life that I want to be good at (but aren't): 

... Sports. Any sports. Any at all.
... Whipping up my own recipes
... Identifying good vs crappy wine 

2. I eat a lot less when I'm warm. 
Probably because I drink a ton of water. 
However, my coworker across the hall does NOT appreciate this revelation, 
as the majority of my heat blows directly out my office door over to his office. 

3.You know how health history forms ask: 
"On average, how many drinks per week?" 
I always put 2-3, but the truth is I have NO IDEA. 
One week could be 20. 
The next week could be zero. 
And how those weeks average out... 
I have no idea. 
Like right now, I haven't had a drink in like 3 weeks. 
This is definitely something I'm doing with a spreadsheet one day. 
Because I am the type of person who would do that. 

4. Mashed cauliflower is the ONLY healthy food 
that I consider to be significantly better than its original unhealthy counterpart 
(mashed potatoes). 
Now, give me boxed stuffing, dark turkey meat, and a super-dose of my dad's gravy, 
and I'll devour the mashed potatoes. 
But generally, I like the texture of mashed cauliflower better.

5. I have a substantial number of phone numbers in my contacts, 
solely so that I don't pick up when they call. 
Like my college's alumni giving program. 

6. It never actually occurred to me that coconut butter would smell so coconut-y. 
I finally purchased my first jar of coconut oil
And when I slathered is all over myself, 
I was shocked at just how coconut-y it really is.
I realize this makes very logical sense: 
Coconut oil WOULD smell like coconut. 
But for some reason, that never crossed my mind. 
Good thing I like the smell of coconut. 

7. We ran out of diapers tonight. 
First time that's happened in Aaron's 19 months of life. 
The daycare is all out of diapers, we had 4 left in his diaper sack, and the box of diapers in his closet was actually EMPTY.  Gah! 
I salvaged 10 diapers between mine and Adam's diaper bag, 
and have a diapers.com order scheduled to arrive in 2 days. 

I also need to write a post about my love of my new diaper bag. 
Mental note.

8. Per Murphy's Law, 
all packages must arrive on Monday night or Thursday night. 
Because trash pickup is Monday and Thursday afternoon. 
And so instead, we end up with empty boxes to store until next trash pickup. 
Which get stored in our house because our townhouse has no garage. 
Hence, my guess how the empty diaper box so deceptively ended up back in the closet. 

9. I am am obsessive dishwasher runner. 
I don't like the dishwasher getting too full. 
I believe this stems from my childhood where my dad would try to pack everything possible into the dishwasher, and it drove me nuts. 
So now my secret rebellion is to run the dishwasher at least once a day, even if half full. 
Look at what a rebel I am!!!

10. Nothing quite melts my heart like my child reading. 
Especially reading books that were so memorable to me from my childhood. 
Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel
Or as Adam calls it: "Mike Mulligan and the Town of Unemployed People." 

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