Monday, November 17, 2014

Toddler Oddities

For all the challenges we face as parents of toddlers, 
I can say for certain one thing: 
toddlers are pretty damn funny. 
On a daily basis, Aaron does something that makes me smirk. 
Sometimes outright laugh. 
 I try to catch these odd little moments, 
but he's either too quick or I have no idea where my phone is. 
But here is a smattering of some of the funny moments I've managed to capture recently. 
1) He went up the stairs, closed the gate behind him, and sat a read. 
It's like he needed his moment of peace and quiet, 
and the gate was his way of saying it. 
 2) We were in the playroom in the basement and I was at the computer. 
I turn around and he's hiding behind the easel. 
And then he pooped. 
I guess he wanted to poop in private. 
3) I think I already shared this one, but it still makes me laugh. 
Teeing off the dining room table. 
I guess its good practice for bad terrain?
4) I come into our bedroom and I find him half off the bed, 
"zooming" his miniature firetruck around the side of our bed. 
I suppose he couldn't get the proper traction anywhere else?

5) The dishwasher. 
This is my favorite by far
After I empty the dishwasher, he will sit and play with his Little People for 30 MINUTES in the empty [clean] dishwasher. 
It's enough that I can even get some kind of dinner prep done. 
Who needs Little People barns and planes and houses when you have... 
a dishwasher?


  1. Thanks for coming out of hiding! So fun to read the blog of another working mom with a kid the same age! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures... and also, Colby totally goes in the corner of the playroom to poop, too. Clara, on the other hand, couldn't care less about who's watching when she does her business!

    1. I LOL'ed at "coming out of hiding"; I am such a creeper. :) I forgot to add that Aaron ALSO hugs the facet of the bathtub and when I saw the pic of Colby & Clara, I thought "oh man, I'm so glad my kid isn't the only one who does this"!!!