Tuesday, November 18, 2014


As a working mom, I spend ~40 hours of my week away at my office. 
Assuming I sleep 10-6 every night, 
that's 36% of my waking hours. 
(That number seems low, but I triple-checked my math)

It always interests me what working moms (or anyone, really) do for a job. 
To me, a job says a lot about the person and what they hoped to do with their life. 
I say "hoped" because I think a very small % of people are at their dream jobs. 

So in my typical narcissistic way, 
I figured I'd do a little post about my job. 

I work in Finance at nationwide construction-products manufacturer, 
with a parent company in Europe (international accounting, YAY!). 
I won't say who only because there are enormous legal implications if I talk smack. 
In fact, those legal implications are one of Adam's firm's specialties. 

My background is in public accounting (Deloitte - where I met Adam) 
and a brief stint at a helicopter-manufacturer that I often refer to as the 
Toxic Work Environment. 

My commute is a grand total of 8-12 minutes, depending on traffic.
Which is completely unheard of in the Philadelphia area. 
Most of my friends (and husband) average 45 minutes to an hour+ commute. 
I walk out the door at 7 and am work by 7:15.
In comparison, Adam leaves the house at 7:45, drops off Aaron at daycare at 8, catches the train by 8:25ish, and walks into his office in Center City around 9. 

Lemme say it again: 
I heart my 8-12 minute commute.

Now, for the anticipated office tour... 
(just admit you're on the edge of your seat)

As OCD as I am about our house, my office is generally a mess. 
A sanitary sterile mess, 
but still a mess. 

View from my office door: 

Notice the open Nalgene bottle. 
I've only spilled it ONCE. 
Which is amazing 
and also means I'm overdue for another spill.

The wall you can't see from my office door: 

With the whiteboard that I NEVER use. 
Why use a giant whiteboard when billions of trees have sacrificed their lives for 8x11 printer paper?
The view from my chair. 
See that stripe of white and pink duct tape? 
That's my crafty Macgyver solution to the window shade gap. 
Because I pumped until Aaron was a year old. 

Occasionally, someone new will come in and notice the pink duct tape. 
I'll casually explain it was for pumping. 
And then they awkwardly make their exit at that time. 

And the barely-visible-gray exercise ball is from when we had an educational seminar on ergonomic posture.  So I brought in an exercise ball to sit on. 
As you can tell, it gets a lot of use over there in the corner.

My actual desk. 
CLEARLY, I don't believe in staged photos. 

My shoe pen-holder, shoe daily calendar, and shoe tape dispenser. 
(I've never once used tape, just fyi)
Plus shutterfly calendar and random pics of my child from daycare. 
The column of post-its to remind me about things I always forget. 
Mostly passwords.  
The apple that's been there for 2 days because everyone keeps bringing in their leftover Halloween candy, dammit.

Oh, and the wrapping paper is for our Finance department's Holiday Angels. 
I don't normally keep wrapping paper on my desk year-round. 
But the rest of the mess is pretty typical year-round mess.

So now that the tour is complete, the BURNING question, of course, is:

Do I love my job? 
No, not really. 
But I certainly don't hate it. 
I call it my "mom job" : 
my 7am-4pm job that pays very well 
and I very rarely have to work outside of normal business hours 
(both my previous jobs had 12+ hour workdays
I really like my coworkers. 
They are a really nice assortment of just-out-of-college peeps,
(the kind that make me feel grossly older than I should at age 29
coworkers with elementary-age kids, 
and coworkers with college-age-and-beyond kids. 
I believe the term for that is "diversity." 
Go us for being diverse!
I don't hang out with my coworkers outside of work 
(unlike previous jobs --- like where I married my coworker), 
but everyone is polite with a great sense of humor (key!).  
None of that catty back-stabbing crap that sometimes goes on in workplaces. 

So then... 
What would be my dream job? 

I'm SO GLAD you asked!

My dream job wouldn't be so much a "job" as a "progression": 

1) Win the lottery (crucial)
2) Go to a Culinary Arts school and actually learn how to cook 
3) Also go to "Wine School" to get my sommelier certification 
4) Open a Wine & Tapas bar, where I am the "silent investing partner" 
and my co-partner does all the real day-to-day grunt work.

If anyone wants to help me out in this dream, PLEASE let me know.

Would I ever want to be a SAHM? 
(Stay-at-home-mom, though I suspect if you're still reading this, you are already knowledgeable of the mom-blog-world lingo). 

As an actively-nursing mother, the answer was a RESOUNDING YES. 
1,000,000 times over yes. 
Pumping is the world's worst torture. 

But now with a non-nursing-toddler? 
I don't know. 
Too many variables to discuss here. 
That's another blogpost for another time.


  1. I think I could have written this post myself... subbing HR for Accounting, of course. Oh and for the "dream job," I think I would go back to what I said I wanted to do in high school and be a broadcast journalist. I would just have to get a shift that didn't entail being at work at 3 am.

    1. Without ever hearing you speak, I feel like you would make a great broadcast journalist. You would totally make it onto my DVR. :)