Sunday, December 21, 2014

Another holiday weekend recap

Another holiday weekend recap. 
I know you're on the edge of your seat. 
Don't lie.

The weekend started early on Friday afternoon when I took a half-day to get a mani pedi
and tackle the Christmas/Hanukkah cookie icing challenge. 
Challenge Accepted. 
Challenge Completed. 

Then Friday got even BETTER when Adam got home BEFORE midnight. 
We had a few beers and watched one of my favorite Christmas movies 
(Home Alone 3... Still no it's a wonderful life). 
And we went to bed at 10pm. 
Epic happiness. 
(Really, it doesn't take a lot for us)

Aside from Aaron waking up at 12:30am with second year molar teething pain, 
Saturday was a wonderfully relaxing day where I got to run, wrap, clean, 
and even chill on the couch watching lame TV! 
Seriously, what more could a mother ask for????

After nap, we headed off to Adam's extended family Hanukkah
Sheer madness. 
8 kids under 8 running around 14 different adults, 
with everyone trying to keep their eye on one of the saddest Eagle games ever. 
Aaron had a BLAST. 
He adores his cousin Ryan ("Rah-Rah"). 
They are only 7 months apart and think the world of each other.
I hope they are forever this close.

Plus... the FOOD. 
Aaron had one meltdown when we wouldn't let him eat an ENTIRE WEDGE of brie cheese. 
(Like, choking sobs... over brie) 
but generally was quite pleased when he was allowed to walk around clutching tortilla scoops. 
I apologized to Adam's cousin Rachel about 1,000 times about the fact that she'd be finding tortilla scoops for months [years] to come. She has 2 boys of her own and was wonderfully gracious. 

We got an insane amount of toys. 
It was such a busy present-opening madness that I have no idea who gave us what. 
From Aaron's Wishlist, we got: Step2 Kitchen, Green Toys Cookware, Play food, and Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway pieces. 
We also received beautifully classic books ("If you give a mouse a cookie" and "brown bear, brown bear"), plastic building blocks (like gigantic Legos), a handful of other things I can't keep track of, and THIS monstrosity:

A Thomas-themed indoor ballpit with a thousand freakin' balls? 
But honestly, he loves it TOO much for me to take it away. 
So it shall stay........ for now. 

That night, after wayyyy too many cookies,
 Aaron went home with MomMom and PopPop (Adam's parents) 
while we went to another friend's Christmas party. 
It was absolutely wonderful to catch up, 
and even met NEW mutual friends who live like 5 minutes away from us! 

But that night, I didn't sleep well. 
Kind of like I can't sleep without Adam
I have trouble sleeping without Aaron home. 
Now, most times Aaron when sleeps over at Grandparents, either Adam and I are out of town or we've participated in some excessive drinking. 
But Saturday night I was the DD, so I DIDN'T fall into a drunken stupor, 
and instead I woke up a LOT, checking the powered-off monitor, freaking out, and then realizing Aaron wasn't home.  
Lots of adrenalin-pumping middle-of-the-night moments does not make for a good nights' sleep.
The next morning I was aching for my chubby little man.

Bright and early, we walked into MomMom and PopPop's house to THIS: 

My child. 
Sitting in his highchair.
Eating his cheesy eggs breakfast.

How spoiled can you get?!?!
Aaron saw us and just GIGGLED. 
He KNEW he could never get away with that at home. 

Even MomMom and PopPop were a little ashamed that we "caught them" spoiling him. 
I still shake my head when I see that photo. 

On a tougher, serious note... 
Sunday afternoon I went with some friends to visit our family friend at the psych hospital. 
I wrote about the situation here
As always, I played up my humor-in-all-situations and got some good laughs. 
Humor is my coping mechanism for awkward/tough situations. 
 Some people bring kind words and loving hugs. 
I bring the inappropriate humor. 
Still, it was tough, but I'm glad I visited.

After that, I met Adam and Aaron at my parents house where we had dinner and let Aaron open one of his gifts (saving the others for later). 

Check out Adam's AWESOME Ugly Eagles sweater

In the event you decide my inspirational photography drives you to buy one for your man, 
I HIGHLY recommend sizing up. Adam is normally a Medium to Large, and after reading reviews, I got XL and it fits perfectly.

Aaron cheese-ing it up with Grandpa (my dad). 
He FINALLY "smiles" when we ask him too. 
(He hasn't done this since 6 months old!)
His smile is the cheesiest smile ever and I LOVE IT. 

Aaron's gift was another Thomas & Friends piece, which included the trains Thomas, Percy, and a Caboose.  Aaron carried around all three trains ALL NIGHT LONG.
When it came time for bed, he BAWLED. 
Hysteria tears. 
They are now sitting out with the rest of his wooden railway tracks, 
anxiously awaiting his playtime tomorrow.

I'll wrap up this RIVETING recap with this classic family photo. 
Of course, I look great. 
Adam looks great. 
And Aaron is like... wtf? 


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  1. So many comments:
    1. Going to bed by 10 pm on the weekend is seriously one of my favorite activities ever.
    2. The twins had that same ball pit (except with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in place of Thomas) and they LOVED it. I, too, hated it at first, but when it finally bit the dust a few months ago (it was torn beyond repair), I was legitimately sad to see it go.
    3. At least your parents gave him a legit breakfast food. Mine have been known to serve powdered donuts- or worse, cookies. I guess that's what grandparents are for- breaking all of mommy and daddy's boring rules :)
    4. Glad you got to visit your friend and I'm sure it meant a lot for her to have you (and your jokes) there!
    5. Ha, that sweater is actually not all that ugly, truthfully! My co-worker got the Texans version... maybe I'll have to get one for Brian.