Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Late Night

I'm on the couch watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London. 
So expect random notes sprinkled throughout. 
I had DVR'ed this because it starts at 10pm 
and seriously, shouldn't I be in bed? 

But if there's one attribute I definitely share with Camp Patton
it's that I don't sleep when my husband is not here. 

- Note 1 from the show - 
Did you know that there's an Angel named Elsa? 
I feel like they should doll her up in a sparkly Frozen dress. 
And by dress, I mean anything besides bra and panties. 

When Adam entered Big Law Firm World, 
I started this blog. 
Which is perfect for when I'm exhausted and want to zone out. 

I also have an ongoing list of house projects 
(what mom doesn't?) 
that include everything from tackling clutter zones, 
to relining all of our cupboards with new shelf paper 
(did one this weekend!), 
to cleaning projects like scouring the oven door. 

And plus, this holiday season has really kept me busy with little projects. 
Like wrapping 
(no, actually, there was no sarcasm, I seriously love it) 
and tonight I made the first batch of my signature sugar cookie dough. 

- Note 2 from the show - 
I like Taylor Swift more and more every album. 
I wasn't a huge fan of the cutsy country music star 
but I am really digging the grown up Taylor. 
Both her hair, wardrobe, and her music.

But no matter how much I accomplish, 
or how many blog posts, 
I'm still lonely. 
And I miss my Adam. 

Throwback dating pic. 
Nov 2009, Penn State vs Ohio State game

Yes, I get more done when he's gone. 
And I have a WAY cleaner house. 
Like seriously, WAY cleaner. 

But it's not as much fun. 

- Note 3 from the show - 
"Carol of the Belles" gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. 
One of my favorite all-time Christmas songs. 
Anyone knows who is the original singer/band? 
Because I need to download it pronto.

Here's a question: seriously, how many more 12midnight nights can he pull? 
Isn't there a breaking point? 
I guess this is a silly question. 
Because back when we were in audit, 
we regularly worked past 10pm during busy season. 
One night, I worked till 5am, went home, slept 2 hours, showered, 
and back to work at 8:30.
So really, I know it can be done. 
But it still sucks. 

- Note 4 from the show - 
All day long I've had this FREAKING song stuck in my head. 
And I had no idea who sang it 
(and didn't take the 10 seconds to google it) 
and go figure, the singer is performing on the Fashion Show! 
Apparently his name is Hosier. 
Song: "Take Me To The Church." 
Not a fan, yet stuck in my head. 

Ok, time to attempt sleep. 
When in reality, I'll just bolt awake in paranoia every time I hear a noise.

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  1. That really does suck :( And although I'm sure I'd enjoy some alone time now and again (I would certainly have an easier time blogging without interruptions and someone insisting that I watch a youtube video about cats on skateboards, etc.), I can definitely see how that would get old and lonely. Guess he's otherwise happy there?