Friday, December 12, 2014

Baby Names

I think Baby Names are fascinating.
I love hearing why couples chose their baby names. 
I love middle names. 
And I love baby name trends. 

The only thing that gives me a twitch is oddly-spelled names. 

Like my waxer, her name is pronounced "Megan," but spelled "Maygon." 
As a parent, I don't want my child to have to re-spell their name every moment of their life.  I'm just too practical like that.  But clearly many parents disagree with me.

As for us...
We selected Aaron because it was a fairly classic name, not overly popular, with standard spelling, and no annoying nicknames. 
Aaron's middle name "Barry" is after Adam's Dad.
And so Aaron's initials are ABC, 
which was a real selling point to Adam when I first proposed the name.

Aaron's Nursery Shelves*

This week, Baby Center put out it's Top 10 Baby Name of 2014
with links to the Top 100 Girls and Top 100 Boys.

(Although 2014 isn't done yet?  
What if there are 5 million "Katniss" born in the next few weeks?) 

In addition, Baby Center summarized a "winners and losers" of Baby Name trends. 

Of course, this is in no way the official list of 2014. 
I think the Social Security Administration publishes that...?  
I have no idea.
Moving on...
Unfortunately, this Baby List preview poses a problem for me. 

Despite both of our names being terribly boring... 
Adam hates overly popular names. 
For example: I've loved the name "Olivia" since highschool when it was unheard of. 
And now it's #3! 
Prior to our 20 week ultrasound, we had not decided on a girl name because I was holding firm to "Olivia" and Adam was holding firm to ANYTHING BUT Olivia. 
Then that little weiner popped up on the screen, 
and our girl name debate ceased to matter.

Other baby names that I've liked and proposed for future offspring 
(clarifying: none on the way!) 

Bailey - up 12 to #72... it's growing in popularity, NOOO! 
Callie - up 24 to #57 
(just think about how awesome that name would be... Callie Cole, although this may fall into the tricky category spelling) 
Ethan - now #7

By far, my FAVORITE Baby Naming tool is Baby Name Wizard's Voyager.

Enter a name and it graphs popularity over time. 
Names that experience brief periods of popularity look like "witches hat." 
Like my grandma is "Shirley." 
That's a total witches hat. 

So yeah, there's my random opinions over baby names. 
Aren't you glad you tuned in for today's blogpost?

*If you want a full nursery tour, I had a post on my old blog about it here.


  1. Favorite line from this post: "then that little wiener popped up on the screen"- ha! Don't you just hate it when that happens...

    Also, thanks again for filling me in on the fact that Clara's name is creeping on the scene. I guess I'm thankful at least one of our picks has stayed under the radar! Guess other parents are nervous about cheese jokes being made at their children's expense...

  2. Hi there! I found your blog through Amanda's. :) I am also obsessed with baby naming and wanted to pass on a fun blog to you! It's People write to her with their baby naming dilemma and she posts it along with her response. It's so interesting to read! Enjoy!

  3. So . . . if you name a child Ethan, does that mean I get to name a child Emily? I've always said I like the name Emily, but couldn't do it because my cousin had that name. :-P Recently I'm more into old family names, so Emily isn't really in my mind anymore (not that I'm planning on children anytime soon anyway, but, let's be honest, every girl thinks of these things.). My dad's side of the family has some beautiful girls names: Adelaide, Vivienne, Hazel. Guys names are lacking. Case in point, my grandfather's name: Hugh :-/