Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014

2014 is coming to a close. 
It was a good year and a lot happened. 

I graduated from my part-time MBA program after FOUR years (whew). 
Adam graduated FIRST in his class from Law School. 
Adam passed the bar exam on the first try. 
Adam started his job in Big Law Firm World at the largest firm in Philly. 
 And our cleaning lady started coming every other week instead of just once a month. 

Is it wrong to say I'm most excited about the last? 

I can't do a full recap of 2014, because that would be the Longest Post Ever. 
So instead, I decided to put together an arbitrary and totally pointless post about my 2014 favorites. 
Please note that, especially in the case of the book, this does not mean that the item was put out in 2014, but just that I was introduced to it in 2014.  
So there. 

Best Family Photo of 2014


This will NEVER happen again. 
We are all looking at the camera AND smiling. 
Aaron was one-year-and-a-month-old 
(or, 13 months for those who like months)

Best Instagram Photo of 2014

My Little GAP Model 

This is a throwback to Aaron at 10 months old in January.
I love everything about it. 
Aaron's expression. 
Hoodie with a puffer vest 
and his little Ralph Lauren shoes that were completely impractical but too cute!

Best Movie of 2014

I read the book series and this is one instance where I believe Hollywood significantly improved the books.  I call the books a bit "Twilight-y" 
(which is totally ignorant since I've never watched/read Twilight) 
i.e., a bit lovey-dovey for me. 
I think that Hollywood did a great job of turning the movie more towards Hunger Games than Twilight. 
And........... I think Four is hot. 
(Fun fact: Theo James who plays Four is only 15 days older than me!)

Best Book of 2014

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? 

This book made me laugh out loud in a way that few books ever have.
And although I still haven't seen a single episode of The Mindy Project, 
I feel a sort of kinship soulmate to Mindy Kaling. 

Best Song of 2014

"Burn" by Ellie Goulding. 

Just like the Mindy book, this did not come out in 2014.  
In fact, when I heard it in 2013, I hated it.  
Not sure when that changed, 
but now it is in my top favorite running songs. 
To be honest, I think Divergent had a lot to do with my appreciation of Ellie Goulding.

Best New Recipe of 2014

Spiced Rum Cupcakes 

I make a LOT of new recipes off of pinterest, and most of them are meals 

(as you can see from my board "Tried and True Recipes"). 
I already have a vast repertoire of desserts from my mom, 
so when I searched pinterest for a rum recipe ideas for a Rum Brunch, 
I never expected this to become a favorite. 
Well, they are phenomenal
I bake mine at 345 for 20-25 minutes, 
add an extra Tbs of rum to the icing, 
and don't do the toasted coconut. 
 But they are AH-MAZ-ING.

And that, my friends, is the Best of 2014. 
I now expect that all other 2014 Countdowns will pale in comparison to my masterful list. 

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  1. The Mindy Project can be dumb, but I do think it's more amusing to watch if you've read the book because the character is so much like her in real life (according to her book, that is)! Happy 2015 to you!