Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas 2014: Kids Gifts

I've said it before, but I LOVE Christmas.
And I still retain my childhood obsession with presents. 
Both getting and giving.
Last Christmas, Aaron was 9 months old. 
He didn't need or want anything. 
(Unless of course, 
you wrapped my milk-producing boobs up in a present, 
he would have been ALL ABOUT that)

And yes, we stuck bows all over him and he didn't mind a bit.

We wisely made the decision to not get him anything. 
He got tons of toys from family and friends, 
and he couldn't care less about any of them. 
In fact, below is my favorite photo from last Christmas. 
Adam and I had just spent an hour unwrapping, unwinding, cutting, sawing, [swearing], and charging all the toys he got for Christmas.
We set them all out to show Aaron after his nap 
(you can see only 3 toys in the lower right corner, 
but there's like 10 additional toys out of the shot)

What does he do? 
Plays with the car seat straps.

So THIS YEAR is the first of the FUN! 
 In typical Mom fashion, I have an entire pinterest board of ideas. 
But I finally settled on these...

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway
I've written before about our household love of Thomas
and stealing a page from my sister-in-law's books, 
I'm requesting this as a theme for gifts. 
Its a good single-gift that has a great range of prices from $18 train cars to $100+ sets.

Play Kitchen

Aaron loves play food and imitation, 
but most of the play kitchen sets are enormous
They put my own kitchen to shame. 
This was the smallest kitchen I could find, 
without getting too Mad-Men-style 
(sorry, not big on the throwback kitchens). 

Green Toys Cookware and Dinnerware

 I have loved Green Toys ever since we received their sorter for Aaron's birthday. 
The quality is best I've seen in plastic toys. 
(I'm gonna toot my Crunchy Mom Horn...) 
all toys are 100% recycled so good for the environment 
AND all are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings 
(and yes, I totally copied that from the Amazon description).  
Seriously though, I'm not fanatical about Toxic toys the way I am about toxic food. 
But if I find awesome toys that are toxic-free, then hey, win-win!

Play Food 

Gotta stock that kitchen! 
My mother-in-law texted me this at Target and I was like YES x1000
because it comes with its own storage bucket
The OCD inside me is leaping with joy. 
Toy containment is always my #1 priority.

  Little People Nativity
Aaron loves to "play" with the Little People 
(particularly in the dishwasher), 
and what better way to teach him Christmas than with his own toy nativity! 
Since I plan to pack this up after Christmas, 
we gave this to him early so he could enjoy it all month. 


(Side note: This was highly rated toy, save for a single negative review complaining that this was not a factually accurate toy, because the wise men were NOT at the birth of Christ, but rather came to his house when he was two.  
I nearly died laughing.  
You know what else is not factually accurate? 
Our entire life.)

  Personalized Book by Pinhole Press
I may be the most excited about this one. 
Aaron LOVES to look at photos and videos of us.
When I put together his baby book, he wanted to "read" it every night. 
Using Pinhole Press, I am creating a book of "Aaron loves..." 
and filling it with pictures of him running, sliding, reading, etc. 
Forget if Aaron will love it... 
Mommy will love it!

More books: Aaron has [finally] moved beyond board books!
  Tikki Tikki Tembo (Adam's favorite)
 Fox in Socks, One Fish Two Fish, and Ping (my favorites) 
Curious George Around Town (his fav stuffed animal is a monkey) 
Beginner's Bible Christmas
I want to get him the full Beginners Bible for his birthday, but for now this will do. 
And also, this Christmas story book IS factually accurate because the Wise Men visit later.

Boon Water Deflector.
For this year, I was going to do a fun bath & body theme for Adam and Aaron's stockings (another post), which prompted me to look into fun bath toys. 
Then I found THIS and although it won't fit in the stocking, 
we have to have it
Aaron is OBSESSED with the tub facet running. 
I don't even bother to plug the drain. 
He just sits DIRECTLY under the facet and I watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't touch the knob and burn himself. 
Realistically, this is cheap enough I'd buy it even if it wasn't the holidays, 
but it seems more special to wrap it up in a present!

And that wraps up our post of holiday gifts! 
Can't wait to see what other mamas are planning!!!

Also coming soon... 

* My Wish List * 
(Let's be serious, Christmas is still about me, too) 

* Stocking Ideas *

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