Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas 2014: My Wish List

If you haven't caught on by now...

I love Christmas
I love the gift-giving. 
And I love the gift-getting

And yes, at 29, I still have a Christmas list. 

And, because I love reading other people's Christmas Lists, I'm going to share mine. 

My terrible attempt at a collage:

And yes, I made this in paint. 
My artist skills are officially on par with a kindergartener. 
If you had any doubt why I went into Finance, this is the answer.

1. Free Night of Babysitting Coupons
For my [broke] high school sister. 
Really, this is all I need in life. 

2. Cutco Knives
Of all the expensive knife sets out there, these are my favorite. 
Sharp as hell. 
Lifetime guarantee. 
The company will even send someone to your house to sharpen them, if they get dull, which we haven't needed in the 5 years we've opened them. However, instead of requesting one $844 set, I am slowly building my requests over time.

3. Coach Leather Gloves.  
I have always wanted a smooth buttery pair of gloves. 
One year, my mother-in-law got me a gorgeous pair. 
But this was back when I was commuting into Philadelphia every day to work and I promptly lost them at the train station.  Womp womp. 

4. Kate Spade Belle Boulevard Picture Frame. 
I'm really sick of our standard IKEA black frames. 
And these are just stunning.

5. Lenox Adorn Silver Frame. 
See above.

6. Philosophy Shower Gel

I'm not one to spend a lot of money on shampoos and soaps. 
But every time I read about the scents from this Philosophy line, I swoon.  
I'm particularly lusting after "pink-frosted animal cracker." 
Now, I hope to not SMELL like a pink-frosted animal cracker all day. 
Because then I'm pretty sure I'd eat my own hair. 
Or WORSE, I'd go out and buy a box.

7. LUSH Strawberry D'Fluff Shaving Soap. 
I despise traditional shaving cream, 
and DIY is not my thing (understatement of the year)
I once tried baby oil, and that was cool, except that it left our shower INSANELY slippery, and Adam feared for his life. 
So this brings me to LUSH D'Fluff!

8. Priti Nail Polish. 
I'm not all hippie non-toxic just yet
BUT I think I'm slowly moving in that direction...

9. Priti Lemongrass Nailpolish Remover
Same as above, 
except I actually do hate traditional nail polish removers. 

10. Pottery Barn Navy/White Striped Canvas Tote.
Because you can never have enough storage. 
And because if I actually buy more of these myself, Adam will serve me divorce papers. 

And that's it! 
Now it's just waiting to see what I get... 

And last on the installment of Gifting ideas... 

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  1. Great picks! And also, pink frosted animal crackers should be their own food group.