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Christmas 2014 Recap

It wouldn't be a blog if I didn't provide you with lengthy Christmas recaps. 
And it wouldn't be an EMILY Blog without haphazardly posting pre-Christmas recaps after Christmas, and then subsequently posting the actual Christmas recap just hours later.

You should expect no less from me. 

Also in classic ME fashion, 
this is TEN TIMES as long as it needs to be 
and TWICE as boring as it could be. 
So you are well prepared. 
If you want cute, happy, and makes-you-go-"aww," 
I will direct you to the Massey blog where Baby #3 announcement just melted my heart. 

Moving on... 

Every year, we make our annual excursion to Central NY. 
My grandparents (Aaron's great-grandparents) are all around Syracuse, NY 
(4.5 hr drive from our home)
and Adam's extended family on his father's side

(the non-Jewish extended family)
are in Binghamton, NY 
(3 hour drive from our home)

Is it hard to travel all Christmas? 
But with the health of grandparents, 
we never know when will be our last year. 
So we make the trek every year and try to enjoy it to the fullest extent. 

On Tuesday, Dec 23rd, 
Adam army-crawled out of work at 4:30 and we were on the road by 6. 
We picked up my sister and arrived at my grandma's house at 10:30pm. 
Aaron slept for 3 hours of the 4.5 hour car ride, so not too shabby. 
He of course was WAY too excited to be awake again and took a good hour to settle down. 
It was kind of cute lying in bed and watching his little head pop out over the Pack N Play again and again, smiling and saying "hiiiiiii". 

The next morning, it was Panera bagels and cream cheese 
(hello, Asiago goodness), 
and presents from Grandma to us. 
(And by "from Grandma to us," I mean my aunt sent a check, we bought presents, wrapped them, transported to NY, and then opened in front of Grandma so she could feel like she "gave" us something). 

Sadly, my grandma has severe dementia and other physical ailments. 
She asked Adam if she had met him before (yes, several times) 
and then asked me and my sister which one of us was Aaron's mommy. 
My aunt explained in advance that this is common. 
However, because of my weekly emails (one Aaron picture + one paragraph blurb), Grandma always knows "the little boy" is her great-grandson 
and she was so overwhelmed with joy to see him in person. 

My cousin Hannah was there which was FANTASTIC. 
I have 9 cousins on that side but all others live too far, had work, or other obligations on Christmas Eve, 
so to be able to see at least one was such a treat. 
And Aaron LOVED Hannah. 

At noon, we packed up the car and drove 30 minutes south to my other grandparents house, where we had a full Christmas meal of ham and all the dressings, 
and my cousins Holly brought her cat, who Aaron followed after calling "Meow! Meow!".

Basically, it was Aaron's favorite Christmas Eve ever. 

 By some miracle, we got him down for a 2 hour nap 
(Aaron, not the cat)
and he woke up refreshed and ready for more presents. 
Aaron also had 2 Spiced Rum Cupcakes for dinner. 
Whatever, it's Christmas Eve. 

Then that night we packed up the car AGAIN and drove an hour south to the hotel in Binghamton. 
We unpacked and fell fast asleep. 
Or we tried. 
I got sick. 
Aaron was asleep in the Pack N Play so I had to be quiet as possible, 
And Adam could sleep through a bomb. 

As I suffered in silence, 
I made up this gem of poetry: 

'Twas the night before Christmas 
And all through the hotel, 
not a creature was stirring except a few mice. 
The toddlers were snuggled in their Pack N Plays, 
while visions of cupcakes danced in their head. 
 And hubby in his boxers and I in my tank, 
were all snuggled in for a quiet hotel sleep. 
When within my belly there arose such a bubble, 
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. 
Away to the toilet I flew like a flash, 
Threw up the lid and sat without a bash. 

And I didn't get much further than that. 
But I'll let your imagination finish it. 
Fortunately, it was short-lived and I believe my body was rebelling from a month of excess refined sugar and processed food. 
Next morning I was fine. 

The next morning (Christmas morning) Aaron got his favorite thing IN THE WORLD: 


 The two are 7 months apart and just adore each other. 
They both SCREAMED and shook with joy when they saw each other in the hotel hallway, 
and proceeded to RUN up and down the hotel halls, LAUGHING IN JOY. 
Cutest Christmas morning ever. 

I am absolutely positive that we woke up every guest on the second floor of the hotel. 
And you know what? 
I couldn't give a damn. 
If you can't stand the joyous laughter of two toddlers on Christmas morning, 
then you don't deserve to celebrate Christmas! 
(For the record, every guest was very cheerful and smiling towards the boys, so really there was no need for psycho protective mommy to come out) 

After breakfast which included TWO helpings of scrambled eggs and hash browns... 

... we headed over to Adam's aunt and uncle's house, for Christmas lunch. 
The house was beautifully decorated for Christmas and we spent the entire day eating, drinking, and letting the two boys run WILD and just LOVING every second of it. 

The boys love to give each other hugs. 
And this is one of my favorite pictures by the Christmas tree. 
Aaron, who has been putting words together for a while now, 
will often ask for "Mo' hugs!" which just melts my heart. 

Around 6, we again packed up the car for the FINAL time and drove 3 hours home, 
complete with our classic "chinese firedrill" at a rest stop to switch drivers. 

Got home, unloaded bags, and Aaron did NOT want to sleep. 
After 2 days away, he just wanted to play with his Thomas trains. 
Eventually he was in bed and we crashed on the couch watching Bridesmaids. 
We all slept in until 8am. 
I don't think Aaron has slept that late in his LIFE! 

Our day after Christmas morning was absolutely bliss perfect. 

I had all our presents to each other wrapped and under the tree. 

We had pancakes for breakfast. 
Pineapple mimosas while opening gifts (my favorite)
We kept Aaron's gifts simple with a ton of books. 
I listed them all out in his Wishlist
but the #1 winner was (as expected) the Pinhole Press customized book
We read every book as we opened it (in typical toddler fashion) 
but he wanted to read Pinhole Press OVER and OVER again. 
Second favorite was definitely Curious George books 
... which he refers to as "mon-nah boo" ("monkey book").

After opening and creating messes and drinking mimosas, 
Adam went out to get us Shake Shack for lunch 
and Aaron and I crashed on the couch watching Thomas. 

Let me tell you, my child is NOT a cuddler. 
When moms posts all these pictures and statuses of "cuddling on the couch with my little one" I just want to throw my phone across the room. 
My child doesn't cuddle dammit. 
At soon as breastfeeding was up at 14 months, he never sat still with me again. 
So when he curled up right next to me, I was just in heaven. 
And I knew he was exhausted. 
But I loved every split second of it. 

After Aaron went down for his nap, 
we tackled the unpacking and gifts. 

And here is where my Christmas enthusiasm deflated like a popped balloon. 

So excuse me while I interrupt this beautifully poetic recap for a brief venting session: 

I am an EXTREMELY practical person. 

 When I see clever DIY gifts on Pinterest, I get a twitch. 
An awful nervous twitch. 
I have said before "if money can't buy you a gift... then you're getting money." 
I mean it. 
If I can't find something practical, then you're getting a giftcard or money.

Also, I am NOT sentimental.
When someone gifts me a "delicate golden teacup that's been in our family for 5 generations," my first thought is "will the Goodwill take it?" 
I know this makes me a TERRIBLE person, 
but here's a few truths about my life: 

1. We have a small townhouse. We do NOT live in the sprawling suburbs with a 4-bedroom house, playroom, etc. We do not have the storage space to house extra "things." 

2. "Sentimental" is a subjective term and cannot be transferred. 
You may have sentimental feelings about your great aunt's golden teacup, 
but I have no memories with than teacup and thus do not care about it. 

(venting not complete)... 
I hate little shit. 
I like Aaron's toys to have themes and sets. 
Hence why I'm so supportive of Thomas Wooden Railway. 
Or a play kitchen. 
Or Little People. 
Or books. 
But little random shit makes my head spin. 
What the hell are we supposed to do with all of it?

So needless to say, when it came time for sorting the gifts, 
I spent more time piling items into the donate, JBF, or "return" piles than I did actually putting things away.  

Putting my bitchy-ness aside, we DID get some fantastic gifts. 

Like the Little People Superhero collection that I've wanted forever. 

This really clever book called "Find Momo" that basically Where's Waldo but with beautiful photography and the photographer's border collie. 
It's very difficult (even for me) but I absolutely love it. 

And clothes, clothes are always great for playtime and daycare! 

For Adam and I, we got cool gifts like beer collections and olive oil varieties.

I type this as Aaron is just waking up from his afternoon nap. 
We'll see what the evening has in store for us and I'm SURE I'll have more fascinating recaps of the weekend ahead.

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  1. Sounds like it has been similar to our Christmas in that it has been exhausting but wonderful :) Glad you had safe travels and that all that concentrated togetherness didn't cause any major trauma (... or at least none that you wrote about)!