Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas 2014: Stocking Stuffers (Hygiene Theme)

If it's not obvious enough, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
I've posted about Aaron's wishlist
And my wishlist
And maybe sometime I'll put together Adam's, but it's pretty boring.

 So the remaining item... 

I love Stocking themes. 
This year's theme is hygiene. 
 LAME, right? 
 Here's a fun way to spice up hygiene theme!

Husband Hygiene Stocking Stuffers: 

Beer Soap with Wooden Soap Dish

I found this little homemade beer soap by LeBoxBoutique on Etsy. 
The soap smells wonderful, 
comes with this neat little wooden "soap dish" 
and beautifully packaged in a little giftbag with washi tape and twine. 
I bought it for Adam's stocking and then bought more for other people. 
It also comes in sizes of "lil" and "mini" sets (party favors).

Bacon Shaving Cream

Warning: This is no subtle shaving cream.  
This is overwhelming bacon-ness. 
For a man who loves his bacon, this site offers an insane variety of fun bacon products. 
This year they came out with bacon-scented pillowcases.  Um, no.

Side note: Both my coworker and I had slight issues with shipping.  I got a wrong product and she was missing a product.  
JD Foods corrected it without question, but it took about a week to get back to us. 
My coworker and I have concocted this story that this "company" (JD Foods) is being run by a few laid-back totally-chill dudes whose state recently legalized pot.  Meanwhile, in the background is a disgruntled girlfriend trying to hold it all together. 

Dollar Shave Club 

I'd heard of this before, 
but I give credit to Amanda Joiner and her husband at Meet the Joiners
who really turned me onto this. 
For a few bucks a month, your man gets clear razors sent right to the door. 
To Adam who hates to shave 
(and to me who hates scruff...)
 I'm hoping this will be extra fun motivation! 

Kids Hygiene Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 

 The easiest here is to just list off the entire Boon Bath Products line of toys... 
all toxic free (Crunchy Mom Flag!!!!

Boon Odd Ducks

Ducks that are insanely cute and don't mold?  Count me in!

Interchangeable Toy Cup Creatures 

 Does your child spend hours trying to open and close containers and cups and boxes? 
Nope? Just mine? Ok. 
Anyway, these are cute and clever and... don't mold! 

Stacking Floating Boats 

The simplest of toys always provides the most fun. 
Boats that stack and strain and... 
(say it with me again) 
...don't mold!


That's 3 stocking stuffers per father and son 
(but Boon has plenty more, of course).

As for ME, well, I already put my Hygiene Products on my wish list, 
but I'll spell out my top favorites again to round out this list... 

Wife Hygiene Stocking Stuffers:

Philosophy Body Wash:
Pink Frosted Animal Cracker 

Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted something Christmas-y? 
Well, they have Snow Angel, Holiday Spice, Christmas Cookie
and this adorable ornament set that I got for my girlfriends: 

But seriously, just gimme the pink iced animal cracker.

Lush Strawberry D'Fluff 

"The man brings home the bacon and the women brings home the fluff." 
I just made that up as the most sexist thing I could think of, haha. 
Especially ironic since I brought home the bacon the 3 years Adam was in law school. 
Anyway... I digress. 

 I add this as a bit of a joke. 
The kind of joke a smart-ass husband would play on his wife. 
I got this stuff as a sample at LUSH. 
I can't use it more than once a month thanks to my rosacea
(and I can't use it at all in the winter),
but when I do, it leaves my skin silky smooth. 

I also look like a Coal Miner.
The first time I used this product in the shower, 
Adam burst out laughing. 
He even tried to get out of the shower to go get his phone to snap a photo. 
Seriously, my face was black like shoe polish. 
And it takes FOREVER to get off. 
Like forever. 
It's almost a cruel joke. 

Again, once off, my face was so smooth and soft, it just glowed. 
But yeah, its hilarious. 
And there you have it! 

The complete guide to Hygiene Stocking Stuffers. 
Now all you need is a shower... 

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  1. So many great ideas!! Also, I have not been above asking for floss in my stocking in the past. And Brian's mom gives us toothbrushes every year- so I'm totally on board with your hygiene theme!