Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cool Mom Club

Today I took another step towards joining the Cool Mom Club. 
My kid is officially in Hanna Andersson PJs.
Pre-mom world, I had NO IDEA that kids had clothing trends. 
I mean, I knew you could dress your kid in sweatpants or jeans. 
But that's it. 

Enter: Momhood and Mommy Blogs. 
Suddenly I'm seeing all these kids in these repeating trends.
 Like all little girls are wearing Freshly Picked
And then all these girls and boys were in striped PJs. 
And I was like: "what are these?" 
Hanna Andersson, apparently.
And then I found out they were normally $42. 
Um, really? 
I'm no stranger to plopping down a pretty penny for good clothing. 
But Aaron's record for a particular size of clothing is about 3 months. 
So... $42 for PJs worn for 3 months? 
Sorry, but that's not a very good $ / wear ratio. 

Finally Black Friday came and all PJs were $20. 
That's more like it! 

So I bought my first pair of Christmas PJs. 
And damn, they are soft and cute!

And now I can check off another "cool mom club" box. 
Next up, maybe I'll finally get some hello tees. 
Or are they already out of style too?

1 comment:

  1. I love these jammies! And for the record, I have never bought a pair- only received them as gifts from my generous/trendy mom ;) BUT I will say that they last way longer than normal. I have a couple of pairs that the twins got last Christmas that fit them until August- no lie! And plus, as a bonus, they are (obviously) super cute!

    I haven't hopped on board with the freshly picked trend yet... or really anything I can't buy at Target or Old Navy, ha!