Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Awards

December is not yet over SO I'm going to sneak in one last Christmas post. 
It's also a way of kicking off award season on TV. 

Herein are my CHRISTMAS AWARDS where I am giving out the BESTS of our holidays.

 Acceptance speeches not required. 
Red carpet dresses are optional. 

Best Aww Moment

 Cousin Hugs

I've said it over and over again, these two cousins just love each other to death. 
7 months apart and they think the world of each other. 
They love to give hugs and do so with very little prompting. 
Aaron often asks for "Mo' hugs?" 
And Ryan always obliges. 
Melts our hearts every time. 

Best Expected Gift*

Thomas the Train Wooden Railway. 
This kid just LOVES his trains. 
Like, loves. 
Nothing has held his attention for so long as this train set. 

Other Best Expected Gift Nominees*
Pinhole Press Book 
Curious George Books 
Boon Flo Facet

Best Unexpected Gift 

Essentially, "Where's Waldo" with beautiful photography and a border collie. 
I love it. Aaron's loves it. And it's a highly mom-child interactive book. 

Best Gift for Me

This was tough, but I'm straying from my Wishlist and say my All-Clad Pasta Pot.  
I've had a multi-cooker pot before, but it was too large and I didn't love. 
I'm also a HUGE fan of high quality cookware, 
and while I have a healthy stock of Le Creuset, 
I was so excited to add the other line of Cookware Royalty into my home: All-Clad. 
Truly a beautiful pot. 

Best Gift for Adam

 Eagles Ugly Sweater
(Official name: "One Too Many Sweater") 
Despite the Eagles disappointing performance this December 
(huge understatement), 
Adam loved wearing this sweater and wore it for EVERY CHRISTMAS EVENT the entire month.

Best Meal

Creamed Potatoes
I have heard about these potatoes since Adam and I started dating in 2007. 
Adam's uncle makes them every Christmas Day. 
I have missed them every year because usually we do Christmas Day with my family and Christmas Eve with his family, but this year we flipped it. 
This dish is WOW good. 
On first glance, it looks like alfredo gnocchi. 
Thick, white creamy sauce with small white chunks. 
Turns out, those small white chunks are super-soft potatoes and the sauce is this delectable combination of super heavy cream and delicious spice. 
I guarantee you there's 1,500 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

Best Dessert: 

(with regular oreos, not peanut butter)
I wish I had a picture for this but Adam's aunt wouldn't let me. 
Truth is, the aunt's cookies looked more like little trees of white chocolate with an oreo on top.  Absolutely nowhere could you see the snowman face. 
She called them an "epic disaster." 
No way. 
They were DELICIOUS. 
I ate way too many. 
WAAYYYYYY too many. 
Just goes to show that it doesn't have to be "pretty" to be good. 

* The "Best Expected Gift" Award is a bit preemptive as we actually haven't OPENED his Step2 Kitchen, Play food, or Cookware yet.  Why?  
1) They are going where the Christmas tree currently is.
2) I don't like "overloading" Aaron with toys, and would rather bring it out later after the initial toys have lost their "wow" factor. I've noticed it helps him concentrate on the toys he has.

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  1. Now I want a Melting Snowman... ugly or not.

    Also definitely going to check out the Finding Momo book- would be nice to look at actual pictures in the twins' books for a change!