Friday, December 26, 2014

Mommy's Days Off

This is what we call a BRAG-post. 
It's really just me basking in my own bragging. 
Guaranteed to bore readers of all ages. 

I took off Monday/Tuesday this week before Christmas, 
but we left Aaron in daycare because he needs a minimum of two days in daycare a week or else its a "shock" to get acquainted back. 

That meant for two days, it was MOMMY'S DAY OFF. 

And oh my, the things that I did!

First things first: WRAPPING. 

This looks impressive, but in reality I only wrapped like 5 presents.  
All the rest had been wrapped previously with the Hanukkah presents. 

Then it was a laundry list of items to do: 
Laundry (of course),
Spiced Rum Cupcakes for Christmas (YUMMY!), 
Crockpot Balsamic Chicken for dinner (Daddy approved; Aaron denied),
Packing away old toys and board books, 
(did you know you're supposed to do this every 14 days? I do it once a year) 
 and a lengthy list of other odds and ends around the house. 
The type of small items that always get brushed off yet continue to nag at my existence.
And then errands... 
Dry Cleaners, 
Bed Bath & Beyond, 
(of course, the Mommy Mecca) 

And since Target is so close to Aaron's daycare,
I decided to pick up the Chubs man while I was out. 
This was very risky. 
But I had a specific purpose. 
Aaron is SO EXCITED about his new Thomas trains, that he was heart broken to leave them in the morning.  
I thought "maybe, just maybe" I could pick him up early and let him play with the trains while I continue to get stuff done. 
If you're a parent, you know this is a HIGH RISK operation. 

BUT, every now and then, grace smiles on stupid parents. 

 Aaron played happily with his trains, never leaving our makeshift train table (old IKEA coffee table from mancave), all the way up until dinner and AFTER dinner too. 

I'm telling 'ya, this may get "GIFT OF THE YEAR" here with the attention he paid to it.

Also something this train set has taught me about my child... 
Aaron gets quite anxious when the trains fall off the tracks. 
"Hap! Hap! Hap!" 
(Help!  Help!  Help!) 
he'll call out in DISTRESS. 
Future OCD, maybe? 

So there were several times I had to abandon whatever I was doing to "rescue" the train. 
At one point, he got so anxious that we had to do a time out just to calm down. 

(Note: we don't use "time out" as a punishment, but only to calm down.  He sits on my lap in the corner and I set the iPhone timer to 1 minute. It's been remarkably successful so far and I need to write a post about it. Because, you know, having done it for ONE WEEK makes me an Expert. Te he he.) 

Aaron is so obsesed with his train set, then I had to wrangle him away for dinner and it was near World Ending when we had to say goodbye to the trains for bed. 
It's a tough life toddlers lead!

We watched Monday Night Football which was a $300 game for us. 
Adam was in the Fantasy Football Championship 
($500 winner and $200 2nd place). 
Going into the game, he had a 16-pt lead on his opponent, 
with A.J. Greene left to play. 
Well, Greene got hurt on the first play and his opponent,  who only had Emmanuel Sanders, ended up beating him by THREE POINTS. 
But I snuggled in with my 7-and-7 drink and enjoyed the night regardless. 


First order of business: PACKING 

This was a daunting task. 
Packing our 3-person family for a 2-day, 3-house excursion to Central NY for Christmas. 

At noon, I got in the car and headed into Philadelphia. 
Every year at Christmas, I go to the jewelry store where Adam bought my ring, get the prongs tightened, and the bands polished. 

And ohhhhh how it sparkles!  

Also, let's please take a second to appreciate my manicure. 
All over instagram, I see all these moms with cute nails in seasonal colors... 
Who has time to get a manicure that often and 
HOW do you keep it from being scratched 10 times a day? 
I swear somewhere there's a photoshop app that automatically adds seasonal colors to mom nails. 

Tangent over. 

While my ring was getting all sparkly beautiful, 
I took a cab to Adam's office. 

And yes, if you're actually paying attention (bravo! bravo!
you'll notice I drove into the city and then took a cab. 
Parking in Philly blows and I wasn't about to move my car from Jeweler's Row once I had a spot, but I also wasn't in the mood to walk the 14 blocks to Adam's office. 
Justification complete.  

Adam introduced me to his secretary 
(a lovely charming woman who is probably the same age as my mother) 
and several of the other associates. 

Then we went to Luke's Lobster Rolls
 which was quite good, 
but more importantly, I loved the tiny half-underground rustic little spot. 
Brought back memories of all the places we used to lunch back when I worked in Philly. 
Nostalgia. Sigh. 
After picking up my ring, 
I headed home to complete the daunting task of actually packing the car. 
It was surprisingly easy and I'm quite pleased at my work. 
All of the presents/food for Christmas Day are tucked in the back of the trunk, 
while all the bags we need on Christmas Eve are easily accessible in the trunk. 
Aren't I just the little engineer? 
:: Self applause ::

So that's the end of my BRAG-post. 
Stay tuned for the long-anticipated CHRISTMAS RECAP! 
I should sell tickets.

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  1. There are lots of reasons I'm sad to say goodbye to the holidays, but having days off while the kids are in daycare tops that list. Last Friday, I got to wrap Christmas presents in peace WHILE watching "Gilmore Girls" and it made me miss my pre-kid life very much (though I love them so).