Monday, December 1, 2014

My Hate-Hate Relationship with Chicken (and other meats)

I'm not crazy about chicken. 
Or most red meats. 
For one particular reason: 
I SUCK at cooking meat. 
Let me take you through a little journey of my relationship with MEAT: 
(and don't worry, this has nothing to do with animal rights or dieting)
My parents raised me with a "well done" theory of cooking meat. 
which instilled in me a DEEP HATRED of red meat. 
Well Done = DRY AND DEAD.
 It wasn't until I discovered the term "medium rare" in highschool 
that I once again opened my heart to steaks. 
So where does that leave me now? 
I will totally inhale a good steak at Del Frisco's or Barclay Prime. 
Or hell, even Outback. 
I'm not that snobby. 
 I'll eat chick-fil-a nuggets because they also rock. 
Even the grilled nuggets are yummy. 
(Although lets be honest, nuggets are just holders for the honey mustard CRACK sauce)
But I don't cook meat at home
If a recipe calls for cooked chicken, 
I'll buy a fully-cooked rotisserie chicken from Wegmans.  
Every now and then I'll try a meat recipe. 
And it may look pretty, 
but 99% of the time, it was crap.

(Bacon-wrapped chicken stuffed with spinach.  Dry as hell.)

Enter: Adam, who does not fear meat. 
 We were eating meat on the grill. 
Steaks, chicken, and pork loin. 

Now that Adam has entered Big Law Firm World, 
our nights of meat-for-dinner is done. 
Which has left me with a stock-pile of meat in our freezer. 
When I encountered the freezer-thaw incident
the general consensus was to throw it all away. 
As a last desperate attempt, 
I interrupted my mom's vacation in Hawaii. 
(My mom is a dietician, which comes with a lot of knowledge on food safety) 
and her thought was
 "you never use your freezer, so it prob retained the cold, but I'd use it soon." 
So now I need to cook meat. 
 And preferably without making it awful and dry. 

A few things I've decided: 
1. Slow cooking is best. 
The faster meat has to cook, the more room for user error. 
2. Simple is better. 
Anything that has words like "searing" is OUT.

So that said, if anyone in the whole wide world of the internet 
happens to read this 
and has a good recipe that fits those two requirements. 
PLEASE share.

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  1. I feel you on this... Brian is the meat master at our house and I hate dealing with it! One of our very easy crock pot favorites is this one: