Sunday, December 14, 2014

Proof I'm a terrible person

I'm going to confess something that makes me a terrible person. 
So if you ever wondered whether or not I am going to hell, 
this should confirm it for you. 

Sick people annoy me. 

I don't mean terminally ill, of course. 
And I don't mean just a runny nose 
(although I fully admit that I find a runny nose to be grosser than a poopy diaper) 
but like people who are always getting sick. 
Always have some sort of ailment or illness or something else that requires a doctor trip. 
Sometimes it's due to poor lifestyle choices
and sometimes its just bad family genes. 

I love my husband dearly, 
but he is one of these people. 

If there is a sickness within a mile of us, Adam will catch it. 
I never will.

The week we brought Aaron home from the hospital, 
Adam got deathly sick with the stomach virus. 
 As a side story, let me take you back to that week. 

(Because if you've ever read my blog, you know I am the Queen of Tangents...) 

March 2013. 
We bring home our newborn baby. 
At the time, Adam was still in law school and an editor on Law Review, so he was splitting his time between home and the law building.
As an exclusively nursing mom, my entire 24 hours of the day were spent breastfeeding. 
Both of us were eating reheated meals that I had cooked weeks in advance and froze. 
And both of us were REALLY low on sleep.

 TWO DAYS after coming home, Adam got deathly sick with the stomach virus. 
Imagine my TERROR as a brand new mom with a few-days-old baby and a vomiting husband. 
I call our pediatrician in panic. 
"What do I do?!?!" 
I'll never forget her words: 

"Just keep breastfeeding. 
Even if you get sick, even if you are throwing up, just keep breastfeeding. 
Your antibodies will protect your baby.
Keep your husband quarantined and try not to get sick yourself, because it'll be awful, 
but just never stop breastfeeding and your baby will be fine." 

 That was when I knew we picked the right pediatrician. 
And even though I struggled with nursing in the beginning, it was then that it became all worth it. 
Yes, I could do this! 

A few days later, Adam recovered. 
I never got sick. 
Aaron never got sick. 

Bringing us forward 20.5 months...
 Adam has had a terrible work week. 
He got in past midnight every night and I stayed up waiting for him 
(because I just can't sleep without him - which I wrote about here

The weekend comes and we can spend time as a family!
And Adam is sick.

Ironically, his sister - who we haven't seen in weeks so it's not related - is ALSO sick. 
She and I were supposed to shop for the cousins this weekend, 
while Adam and my brother-in-law watched the boys. 
But instead, she was home throwing up. 
Adam was home on the toilet. 
And it was Aaron who was my shopping buddy. 

And to be totally honest. 
I was annoyed. 

Not sympathetic. 
Not understanding. 
Not relieved that it's not me (or Aaron). 

I was annoyed that plans had to change last minute. 
I was annoyed that I was on do-everything-around-the-house duty AGAIN on the weekend after being on duty all during the week while Adam is working late.
I was annoyed that we couldn't install our new car seat 
(which I also want to write about). 

I was annoyed that people get SICK. 
Talk about being an asshole.

Adam even apologized for getting sick, 

which further confirmed my asshole status. 

To try to redeem myself, 
I offered to start making Adam pre-packed dinners. 
Sandwiches and snacks that are healthy, but don't require a trip to a microwave. 
Which means he'll be getting a lot of sandwiches and raw veggies/fruit. 
Growing up with a dietician mother, I am a firm believer that the fuel you put into your body makes a huge impact on what you get out of your body.

So to wrap this up. 
If you ever need to convince someone I'm a jerk. 
(Which in itself should not be a challenging task) 
Just print out this blogpost.

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