Monday, December 8, 2014

Unrelated Thoughts of the Day

3 unrelated thoughts of today... 
(I promise only 3. I won't drag this out to like 10)

1. I have awesome friends. 

My bridesmaids (3.5 years ago): 2 sisters. 1 sister-in-law. 4 friends. 
These 4 friends came into my life between elementary school and my first professional job.
2 of them live in the Philadelphia area and I get to see fairly often. 
1 lives in California and I see her maybe twice a year (if lucky) 
And 1 moved to Africa to serve in missions; I see her once every 2 years at best. 
But no matter how far we are apart, we can pick up right where we left of. 
I was reminded of that during a conversation text tonight. 
And just wanted to say that it made me smile. :)
2. I need new book suggestions. Badly.

 I promised myself I'd be in bed before 9pm tonight, 
because after our party-party weekend (slash hangover), I need to catch up on sleep. 
But I have no books to read. 
Studies show (and I can personally vouch for this) that electronics like laptops and iPads prevent the user from sleeping because of the glow stimulation 
(or something like that; you can always count on me to butcher a study's findings). 
So I get books from the library. 
(Yes, they still exist - Libraries!)
But now I'm completely out of book suggestions. 
I like easy reads.
 Some of my favs this year: 
- Divergent series (I know, late to the game like always)
- Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? (by Mindy Kalig - I adore her and yet have never watched a single episode of her show)
- Fault in Our Stars 
- Jurassic Park: The Lost World 
(Apparently I like books made into movies.)
Any and all suggestions welcome. 

3. I glued Elmo's Squirter shut

No, this is not an X-rated post. 
We have this Elmo bath toy set,
 which comes with 5 pieces but Aaron only plays with the 3 below religiously. 
Like seriously, carries them around the house post-bath. 
(I really need to do another Toddler Oddities post, and add this.)

Elmo squirts water which I HATE because... MOLD. 
But I can't throw Elmo away because it would break Aaron's heart. 
Whenever we go upstairs for bath, 
Aaron asks sweetly: "Elmo? Elmo?"
For the record, he's never seen Elmo on TV.  
He just knows that Elmo goes with "Bah" (bath).

So tonight I busted out the super glue. 
And now Elmo will NEVER SQUIRT AGAIN. 
:: triumphant laughter :: 

Also... I used the word "squirt" 3 times, 
which is definite record because I regard the word "squirt" like Lily regards "moist."

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  1. Genius move with Elmo! We just tossed out a couple the other day due to mold- fun times.

    Have you read "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey?