Thursday, December 4, 2014

Working From Home with a Sick Child

Aaron has the stomach bug. 
Which just plain sucks. 
In my ranking of illnesses, stomach bug is the worst. 
By far. 

And since you are desperately curious...
Here's my ranking of WORST to BEST sicknesses/illnesses: 

1. Stomach bug. 
2. Whopping Cough (10 days of hell in college)
3. Chicken Pox (they invented the vaccine like 2 years after I had it)
4. Strep Throat. 
5. Flu (or see Flu-like symptoms)
6. Mono
99. Common Cold. 
100. Pink Eye. 
I had pink eye in elementary school and I remember thinking it was awesome.  I didn't feel sick, but I got to stay home and watch movies all day.  I'm quite sure my childish brain blocked out the worst of it, but whatever. 

Back to the subject at hand...

This afternoon was a WFH ("work from home") when daycare called with the Sick Report.

A few thoughts on working from home. 

1. While being able to WFM is a great privilege, it comes with its dose of annoyance. 
For example, being able to WFM means I am always available.  The fact that I can log on and fire off a file at a moment's notice, can be all too easily taken advantage of.  Now, I've said before I have pretty great coworkers, and I rarely work outside of normal business hours, but every now and then it still pops up.  
This is particularly difficult with a sick child, because coworkers who don't have children (few as they are) don't realize that a sick child is most definitely MORE time-consuming than if I was just sick myself. 

2.  I can't be work-productive when my house is dirty. 
That mess Adam [and Aaron] left after breakfast? 
Absolutely MUST be cleaned up prior to getting any work started.  
And the load in the dryer that needs to be folded? 
MUST be folded and put away! 

3. Children's Sicknesses and Snowstorms will ALWAYS occur on the most critical busy days. 
Philly got pounded with snow storms last winter, 
and EVERY ONE was during month-end close. 
So while most of my friends were lounging on the couch, 
sipping spiked hot cocoa, 
I was yelling at my computer to reload so I could complete a laundry list of files.

But enough of my complaining. 
Because no matter how bad my day was, 
the Stomach bug is always worse. 
Poor Aaron. 
There are signs that you know when your child is sick. 
When Aaron was under a year old, if he didn't eat, we KNEW he was deathly ill. 
Refusal of food triggered as much alarm as a 105 fever. 
Imagine that doctor office call... 
"My child is sick!  He won't eat!" 
(Doctor looks at records) 
"Your child is in the 75% for height and weight." 
"He'll survive."
 Today, Aaron was in his closet, 
and I was sitting in the rocker. 
I asked: "Aaron, are you ok?" 
He replied quietly, "No." 
(Of course, no is a common answer to everything. So I continued...)  
"Do you want to go downstairs and watch some Thomas?" 
THAT'S when I knew he was sick. 
For Aaron to turn down an episode of Thomas (a real treat!), I knew something was up. 
3 minutes later, I heard the diarrhea. 
Thankfully, the diaper contained it.

After that traumatic incident, 
we went downstairs, drank pedialyte ("juice"), and watched Thomas. 

As I lie in my bed typing this 
(10:55pm and Adam still trapped in Big Law Firm World...) 
I am checking the monitor every minute. 
(A flashback to the first week home from the hospital.)
I'm terrified he's going to vomit or have diarrhea in the middle of the night. 


Also, on a COMPLETELY UNRELATED note... 
and also totally inappropriate since I just used the words "vomit" and "diarrhea"... 
I started my adventure of using up meat from the freezer thaw incident
I tried this recipe in the crockpot, but with skin-on drumsticks. 
 My only complaint was it was a bit more BBQ-y than I'd like. 
I know, I know. 
Ketchup + soy sauce + honey = DUH, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? 
I expected more like a honey glaze. 
Clearly my brain was distracted. 
See above.

Next up, I'm trying Cheesy Chicken & Rice suggested by Amanda
It seriously looks so good that I am actually EXCITED for chicken. 
Crazy, right? 
I never EVER get excited for chicken, but this just looks bangin' awesome. 
I promise to report back
with a grainy poorly-lit picture, of course.

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  1. I was home with a sick child this week, too!! She had a mysterious virus with no symptoms besides fever... and being generally pitiful. Like you, I knew she wasn't feeling so hot when I offered her a cookie at Target and she refused.

    I, too, was "working from home," but thankfully, it was a very slow week for us!

    Glad you've had one meat-meal success and hope there are many more! If you hate the cheesy chicken and rice, then please forgive me!