Thursday, January 22, 2015

22-Month-Old Funnies

A smattering of my favorites about Aaron at 22-months-old.  

Aaron LOVES to be naked
There is no greater joy than nakedness. 
And he says it p-e-f-e-c-t-l-y.
"Ah-ron NA-KED!" 
He asks for "NAKED!" all the time. 
He also asks for bath ("baf") after every meal (breakfast included), 
not because he's dirty, but because "baf" is both NAKED and WATER
He's very proud to point out when Mommy and Daddy are NAKED too. 
Even when it's just underwear. 

My favorite was at the King of Prussia Mall. 
We went early on Saturday so he could run around the quiet halls. 
He runs up to the Guess store windows, 
points up at the scantily-clad manikins, 
and yells clear-as-can-be, echoing in the halls

Adam and I died laughing. 

Another change this month is Aaron's dedication to putting things away
Tissues on the floor? 
And at least half the time, he'll put his toys away without coaching
(The other 50% of the time it looks like a tornado happened, 
so I'll take what I can get.)
He has his ball pit in the basement and will faithfully pick up EVERY ball to put back. 
It makes my OCD mama heart SO PROUD. 

"Yea-ow" (yellow) 
"Buh" (blue)
I'd give him a solid B+ at identifying colors. 
Sometimes he'll get it wrong. 
"No no, Aaron, this ball isn't red, it's BLUE." 
and sometimes he'll blow us away with his identification. 
Like the day he kept pointing to his Little People Batgirl exclaiming: 
"Yea-ow feet!" 
I got home and Adam ran up with Batgirl: 
"Do you know what he identified?!  She has yellow feet!" 

It's little things like this that blow our parental minds.

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  1. What a smart, helpful, little nudist! Clara loves to help pick things up and throw things in the trash, too, while Colby loves to "organize" like things together, both of which make this OCD mama proud, too!