Friday, January 23, 2015

Blogs I Stalk

This is not an actual list of the blogs I stalk. 
But rather an amused observation of them. 

On one of my many de-clutter attempts at life, 
I occasionally try to trim down my Bloglovin
Of course, for every one blog I discontinue following, 
I add 2-3 more because I'm a sucker for cute pictures 
and funny recaps of life with toddler maniacs. 

In doing so, 
I discovered a theme in my blogs: 

1. Twins. 
I follow a TON of twin blogs. 
I estimate ~75% of my stalking involves blogs with twins. 
I admit this comes from my secret desire to have twins, 
which I dare not share aloud because people [Adam] think I'm insane. 
But all you twin mamas just make it look so fun. 
Crazy, but fun. 

2. Southern. 
At minimum, 50% of my Bloglovin is southern blogs, particularly in Texas. 
Yet, we live in the Philadelphia area, 
which is as solid Northeast as Boston and NY (minus the accents). 
Also, I've only been to Texas once as a small child 
when my mom was in dietician grad school at Texas Woman's University, 
and the only memory I have is that the house we were staying in had loud toilets. 

3. Catholic. 
I'd estimate a hearty 25% of my blogs are devout Catholic mamas. 
Which is pretty funny since I'm some variant of Protestant 
(my parents claim we were raised "Evangelical Christian")

And that's about it. 
That's my amusement for the day. 
And to post a relevant photo, 
here's a picture of us at Adam's graduation: 

Our single-child, 
Protestant-Jew-blend family: 

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  1. So glad I meet 2/3 of your stereotypes! You don't meet quite as many of my stereotypes BUT the fact that you're a working mom with a toddler the same age as mine means that your blog is about 100 times more relatable than many of the others I stalk :)