Friday, January 9, 2015

Cooking with Mommy

I see a lot of moms cooking with their little ones. 
And the kids look so engaged and patient
I will note that most of these "little ones" are girls, too. 
And I think "Yeah right, never."
Aaron is a go-go-go-go-go machine. 

But last night, I decided to Accept the Challenge. 

And to spoil the ending: I was pleasantly surprised. 

I know you're bummed and would have much rather read a shitshow story. 
(Because I know I always appreciate those stories the most!) 
Sorry to disappoint.  
Trust me that I will always have more of those to share.

I picked up Aaron from Daycare 
and headed home saying over and over: 
"Aaron is going to cook with Mommy!" 
And he'd repeat from the backseat: "Aaron cook wit' Mama."

At home, we paused for necessary fix with his Thomas table (of course)
then off to the kitchen. 

I chose this savory monkey bread recipe here
Monkey bread was one of the first things I ever made with my mom, 
and there's no "real" measurements so if ingredients go flying, its ok. 

I prepped everything while Aaron played with the measuring spoons. 
Butter was melted. 
Cheese, garlic, and spices were combined. 
And Grand's biscuit tins were "popped" 
( cue lots of giggles with the *POP* ) 

I cut the biscuits and Aaron would "dip" in the butter. 
(Aka: throw in the butter, splatter everywhere, and laugh) 

He seemed content with the butter, 
so I was in charge of the cheese mixture. 
I'd say he was entertained for at least half the pan. 
Then he started "playing" a wee bit more. 
Which included scooping the cheese mixture into the butter. 
(Whatever, it was all ending up together in the end.)

He never really "lost interest" (which was my expectation) 
but eventually the monkey bread was done and he was a mess so it was over. 

In the end, he was COVERED in butter (totally expected) 
as was the counter and the floors. 

 And I fully admit that I picked tonight because... 
our cleaning lady comes tomorow. 
(cue Hallelujah chorus) 
I cleaned up as much as I could while Aaron was tugging at my yoga pants to come play, 
and then did a second round after he went to bed, 
but Diane will work her magic on the rest of it tomorrow. 

Ironically, despite the success of the Mama-Son cooking experience, 
the savory monkey bread was "eh." 
It was overwhelming in butter. 
(I know, TOTALLY shocked, right?) 
And after 3 bites, my stomach was like:
 "Yeah, no.  Don't you dare eat anymore." 

Into the trash it went.
So that's some irony for ya!

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  1. I think it goes without saying that I'm totally impressed! The twins have helped cook at daycare, so I'm going to choose to let them benefit from that experience there without making a mess here at home- ha! OCD mom strikes again!