Thursday, January 8, 2015


"Mama" is a word that carries 1,000,000 requests. 

Most often, it's used alongside "Hap! Hap!" (Help help) in a sense of 911 emergency, 
like when a train falls off the toy tracks 
or when he can't get a piece in a puzzle. 
You know, real SOS moments. 

Sometimes it's a little fearful, 
like when I'm getting ready to take out the trash 
and he thinks I'm going somewhere without him. 

Sometimes it's said in hysteria, 
like after a big fall in Target 
or after having some precious food taken away from him 
(since he is, you know, starving!)

But these are not my favorite "mama"s. 

My favorites are the morning and evening "mama"s. 

The morning "mama" is a squeal of indescribable joy
When daddy gets him out of the crib on weekends 
and he comes RUNNING as fast as his little legs can carry him, 
into the bedroom to see me. 
He crawls up on our chest at the foot of our bed, 
then up onto the mattress, 
and finally he scurries across the comforter to cover me in slobbery kisses. 
He's all smiles and repeating: "Mama!  Mama!  Mama!" 
Best alarm clock ever. 

The evening "mama" is when he's lying in bed, 
and I'm sitting in the rocker 
... very often annoyed that he no longer puts himself to sleep like he used to ... 
and very, very softly he calls out "Mama?" 
just to make sure I'm there. 
"I'm here, baby." 
And it melts my heart. 

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  1. So sweet, and a good reminder to appreciate the fact that we get to be called "mama" at all- even if it's in a whine :)