Friday, January 2, 2015

More "Whee"

For all of my expensive leather purses, 
LL Bean canvas totes have a very special place in my heart. 

When I was little tiny infant, 
my dad - at the time a single dad - would put me in an LL Bean canvas bag, 
lean against the door frame, 
and swing me to sleep. 

One night, he was so tired as a typical sleep-deprived parent, that he fell asleep. 
He woke up, still leaning against the doorway, and I was looking up at him asking "mo'?"  
It was my first word, more, and I think it suites me just fine. 

As I grew older, 
the LL Bean bag transformed from an infant swing to a toddler roller coaster. 
My dad would swing me so high that my head would be inches from the ceiling and my mom would gasp in horror that I was gonna smack my head. 
If it happened, I don't remember it 
...and no one is talking. 

Besides being essential for child entertainment, 
LL Beat canvas totes are also great for travel.  
Shortly after college, I received my own pair and they have been taken on EVERY non-airplane overnight trip.  
Sturdy, durable, and comfortable to carry. 
I should TOTALLY be a spokesperson. 

So when this occurred the other day, 
it brought back so many fond memories of my childhood. 

(and no, contrary to what the light situation would lead you to believe, we don't live in a cave) 

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  1. Ha you should totally send this post to LL Bean and see what kind of swag you can get from it! I, too, love these totes and actually use one as my "work bag" every day! Hadn't considered using them for the twins' entertainment but will have to try this!