Friday, January 16, 2015

My Imaginary Vacation

One of the perks of having a blog, 
is that it gives you an outlet to whine without objection.

Just pretend there's an "H" in there, 
and therefore I can feel like I posted a relevant photo. 

I feel like I'm running on empty. 
And I just need a BREAK. 
Like a vacation break. 
Not even a go-anywhere-vacation-break. 
But a mommy-stay-at-home-all-alone vacation break. 

That vacation break would consist of: 

No Work 
Work has been a stressful these past two months. 
Although truthfully, I can't tell how much is work itself versus
how much is my strung-out nerves and low tolerance.

Sleeping in
Although I haven't been sleep deprived TOO much, 
I feel my quarantined home is just draining all my energy. 

I've run once in the past 2 weeks and its killing me. 
I like to run at least 3 times a week. 
I have more energy and usually even eat better. 
Which leads to...

Meal Planning
I haven't meal planned since before Christmas. 
I'm tired of inventing quick-on-the-go meals, 
like tacos which eventually turned into nachos.
I want to get back to our healthy eating habits.

Organizing the House 
As part of Survival Mode, we've just LET IT GO. 
And it grates on my OCD tendencies. 
Our dining room table looks like a hospital drug room. 
I also want to do a serious toy-rearrange because the amount of toys we have out is ridiculous.  Some toys just need to be put away to reduce clutter. 

Getting My Nails Done 
Not getting them painted per se, 
but getting my gel manicure taken off, 
and going bare. 
I'm a firm believer than nails need time to "breathe," 
and the dead of winter is the perfect time to go bare. 

Getting to my Waxer 
I am now two weeks overdue for my monthly "down there" wax,
thanks to sickness and other work events popping up. 
 Nothing makes a girl feel sexier than overdue for a wax.
(tmi? too bad, that's what a blog is for) 

And when all of the above are done, 
to settle in with a full glass of wine
and just enjoy the peace and tranquility.

And that's basically it. 
That's my dream vacation.
What an exciting life I lead. 

Now, today is Friday, 
so the THOUGHT is that MAYBE I could accomplish some of this this weekend? 
But with Aaron being sick, 
and existing in an 11-inch radius of me at all times, 
I just don't see that happening. 
If only we got MLK Day off from work. 
If only...

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  1. I hear you, and I also hear you about not having MLK Day off... ugh! And to add insult to injury, my husband DOES have the day off, so it will make going to work on Monday that much more painful. Fingers crossed for at least a little bit of me time for you this weekend!