Friday, January 30, 2015

Parenting Musings

A short collection of parenting musings over the last week or so
1. I was a wreck for Aaron's first sleepover at a friend's house. 
Is this going to happen forever? 
This past weekend, Aaron had his first sleepover at a non-grandparent house. 
My friend Virgina had the brilliant idea to do a "kid swap" every other month, 
where one parent hosts a sleepover while the other set gets a [free] night out. 
 And with William being only 4 months younger than Aaron, 
the two love to play with each other. 
We had hosted William in November and it went GREAT. 

 But this time it was Aaron's turn to sleepover. 

To say it was tough to let go, 
was an understatement
But we did. 

Adam and I had a fantastic date night, 
but I didn't sleep well that night. 

2. On a similar note, will I ever be ready to give up the video monitor?
And please hold your comments on his future teenage boy habits. Ahem. Gross.

Our video monitor is one of my top favorite baby products of all time
On Sunday night, the parent unit stopped charging as the cord had frayed too much. 
After googling a ton of replacement options, 
we finally opted to pay a little more for the original from eBay. 
Problem with eBay is that there's no 2-day shipping like amazon. 
Which means we have to wait a week to have our monitor functioning again. 
We have a backup sound-only monitor, but the static is absolutely horrific, 
so we've been sleeping "blind". 
And I am literally freaking out. 
Like, we can totally hear him. 
But ... I wanna see him!

And finally... a confession...

3. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so into Mama. 
I'm the favored parent by a long shot, and always have been.
And as flattering as it is...
 sometimes its really really REALLY annoying. 
Like on our snowday, 
where both Adam and I worked from home, 
which means we took turns parenting while the other worked. 
Yet even during my work time, 
I was constantly interrupted by Aaron requests. 
"He keeps insisting on seeing Mama," Adam would apologize. 
 After his nap, Adam went to go get him, and like a broken record... 
"Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?  Mama?" 
I swear there were no less than 20 MAMAs, 
briefly interrupted by a "No, Dada!" 
and then back to Mama. 
It's exhausting.

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  1. So I am usually the pretty clear favorite for Clara, but not so much for Colby these days (it's all about Dada), so from the other side of the fence, I can say that being the favorite is much better!! Although yes, sometimes Clara's clinginess makes me wish she wasn't so interested in me :)

    And I will also be really sad to give up the video monitor one day... we don't have to use it much these days to check on them, but I like being able to see their cute sleeping positions and occasionally speak into it and see them freak them out!