Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Progression of Snow Funness

Thanks to the "blizzard of 2015" (sarcasm), 
we enjoyed a preemptive snowday this week. 
And while we were out playing in said snow, 
I was talking to our neighbor about the progression of snow FUN. 

As a kid, there is nothing better than snow. 
Snow means school cancellations. 
Playing all day outside with friends. 
Sledding down hills. 
Building snowmen. 
Building snow forts. 
And sipping hot chocolate after. 

Nothing better. 

Continue this into college... 
take all the above and just add alochol. 
So like, even MORE fun. 

Then we start work, and enter the word "commuting." 
Snow is no longer fun. 
Snow is a f**king disaster. 
Snow has to be shoveled. 
Cars have to be cleaned off. 
Parking spots are at a premium. 
A bad snow can mean your 45-minute commute home turns into 2+ hours. 
Snow blows, man. 

Now enter a child. 
And suddenly, snow is fun again. 
Snow is a whole new world
Snow is a mysterious wonderful thing. 
And every kind of snow is awesome. 
The fluffy snow is fun to run in. 
And the wet snow is perfect for snowmen. 

So, to sum up this ground-breaking post, 
I have to throw in a little nerd excel. 

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  1. Ha, I love the chart! I should do something similar for the summer heat/humidity we get down here... except in my book, it would be a flat line ranked as "miserable" for all of eternity.