Saturday, January 10, 2015

Running in the FREAKING Cold

I almost titled this "Running in the Arctic" 
but that was being a wee bit dramatic. 

Running is my one and only form of exercise. 
Prior to being a mom, 
I used to go to the gym and 
be a little hamster on a wheel 
(aka: the treadmill). 
Now with my limited time to run, the gym isn't a great option. 
Running outside is more convenient and flexible. 
So when the temperature dips to freezing, 
that's when I have to Suit Up. 
Today, it was 13 degrees. 
And factoring in wind chill, a real feel of 3 degrees. 

Here I am as an Under Armour model. 
Head-to-toe UA less the socks (Nike).
I found this fantastic pin about Cold Weather Running Clothes
which I used as my guide and determined is AWESOME. 

Head To Toe: 

Head: Ear Wrap (from long ago)
A hat works for those without pony tails, 
but I use an ear wrap that follows my hairline and covers my ears.

Base Layer
It's super tight, but does a great job whisking away sweat. 
Because there's nothing worse than wet cold sweat. 

Fleece Layer 
SUPER warm fleece. 
My torso wasn't cold for a second during the run. 

Legs: Legging (from long ago) 
Mine are warm-ish, but I'm seriously considering trying Athleta's Power Lift Tight, which are supposed to be warm fleece with compression paneling. 
I've never bought Athleta before so I'm a wee bit hesitant.

Also, my brown knee-band to prevent swelling 
(an issue back when I was training for the marathon)

Socks: Dri-Fit Nike 
It's supposed to be SO BAD to wear cotton socks. 
But I do wear cotton in the summers because I'm a REBEL (lol). 
 Winter though, dri-fit is much better I've found.
Shoes: Mizunos 
I have narrow feet so Mizuno is the only brand that works for me. 

Of course, I can prepare all I want, 
but the worst is always the ICE. 

Nothing like playing hop-scotch down the hill because of ice patches all over. 

And that's my story of running in the bitter cold. 
Which as terrible as it is, 
is still better than running in 95 degrees with 99% humidity. 
I guess that's something to be thankful about.

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  1. A few thoughts:
    1. Props to you for running in the arctic because our "chilly" weather lately (30s/40s) has just convinced me to stay inside and not go at all.
    2. I know it is ridiculously priced, but Brian got me a couple of things from Lululemon for my birthday and they are admittedly pretty amazing. Sounds like you have your bases covered, but if you ever feel like spending an entire paycheck on an outfit you'll sweat in, you should check it out.
    3. To your last point: YES. Running in hot/humid temps sucks- sometimes I literally feel like I'm drowning or suffocating because the air is so thick!!