Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I confess to not being a bargain shopper. 
Which sounds counter intuitive since my job is Finance 
and that fact that I'm so acutely aware of financial spending. 

When shopping for clothes
(AND while still paying off my credit card balance in FULL each month 
.... just had to throw in that for safe measure!)

My options are: 
A) get a lot of things at low cost each
B) get very few things at a high cost each

Most of the time, I choose the second. 

 I'm big on "investment pieces" and 
firmly believe the real thing often outlasts the cheaper brand. 

My go-to example: 
Over a decade ago when Uggs burst on the scene in college campuses
(also back when I regularly wore mini jean skirts .... ahhhhhhhh),
I got a pair of Ugg boots for like $150. 
My sister got a knock-off pair for $30. 
10 years later, I still wear mine in the snowy f**king cold winters here, 
and hers are long gone. 

Also, truth be told,  
I avoid store clearance sections like an Ebola quarantined room. 
Not that I don't appreciate a good deal 
but store clearance sections are often disheveled, chaotic tiny spaces. 
And that doesn't jive with my OCD tendencies.

(Also, TJMaxx gives me an awful AWFUL twitch. 
I get anxiety attacks just by walking past the store.)

To my mother, a DIE HARD bargain hunter, 
I am the worst kind of shopper possible. 
But again to be fair, I don't own a lot of clothes!!!
Which is why I'm very careful about repeating outfits. 
(Another OCD tendency sneaking in there...) 
 I particularly don't mind spending money for an item I'll get a lot of use out of. 
I bought $250 Tory Burch wedges when I was pregnant and wore them 
I LIVED in those suckers.
I wore them to the hospital to give birth. 
And they are still in fabulous condition after being abused by an elephant 
...I mean, pregnant woman.

 It all comes down to $ / wear. 

Now, enter a child. 
As everyone probably knows: 
kids have a HORRIBLE $/wear ratio. 

Aaron grew out of clothes every month, even weeks
And in the beautifully seasonal climate of Philadelphia (snort), 
we've got warm winter clothing for SINGLE-DIGIT temperatures
and cool summer clothing for when its like 95 degrees and humidity level is 99.999%. 
(Extremes are not my friend.  I need to move states.)
All this further deteriorates $ / wear. 

:: deep breath ::
 I've resorted to sales. 
I think my mother almost fell over in shock when I told her.
NOT in store, mind you, because they still give me a twitch of anxiety. 
But I've succumbed to internet marketing and am on all the children's email lists. 
 I am absolutely positive that GAP runs a sale EVERY DAY of existence. 
If I can't get Aaron's GAP jeans at 50% off, I consider it a failure. 

But just recently I was finally able to join another 
Chapter of the Cool Mom Club:
I was finally able to order Crewcuts
I've admired Crewcuts for ages, 
but spending $52.50 on a buffalo check button-up that Aaron will wear for 2 months is just not practical for me. 
Maybe when/if Adam makes partner in 15 years. 
Then maybe I'll also buy a $145 cashmere sweater for a baby (like, really?)

Recently I received an email for additional 40% off sale items! 
And they had SUMMER things!
Of course, sizing is tricky, 
both not knowing how Crewcuts run 
and also not knowing how big Aaron will be in 5 months. 
But I'm REALLY excited to say that my child will own something from J. Crew. 
Cool Mom Club Report Card: 
J.Crew:  CHECK!

 Example of our newest purchase. 
I believe this came in at $12.50. 
That's a price I can handle. 

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  1. My mom definitely instilled the whole "you get what you pay for me" thing in me... but I do love a good bargain. I'm thankful to have gotten so many (high quality) hand-me-downs for the twins, because I could not bear to spend tons of money on stuff they will wear a handful of times!! Especially holiday outfits that they'll wear once! I did give in and pay $60 for a smocked owl dress for Clara last Spring but she has gotten lots of wear out if it and it's still plenty long, so I tell myself it was worth it :)