Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Snow was my FAVORITE thing as a child. 
Not only did it mean canceled school. 
But there's something indescribably fun about that white fluffy stuff.  

I grew up in Central NY, on the edge of Lake Effect snow, 
where it was common to get a foot of snow overnight
And not at all uncommon to make snow forts that I could walk into as a child.
Of course, PA rarely sees snow like that, 
and if it does, it's basically a statewide emergency. 

To say I was psyched to introduce Aaron to snow is an understatement. 
Today, we got an inch of snow and all the way home from daycare, 
I kept repeating: 
"We're going to go home and play in the snow!" 
By the time we were home, 
Aaron was psyched for "sno!"
And kind of mad that we had to come inside to get fully dressed to go back out
Snow pants. Snow boots. Sweatshirt. Jacket. Hat. Mittens (not at first)
 At first, a wee bit uncertain. 
He kept saying "uh oh" when it got on his pants. 
And when it got on his hands, he immediately brushed it off. 
But then he found his groove. 
And after a few accidentally faceplants 
(plus the acceptance of his mittens), 
it got FUN. 

He loved lying on his belly. 
And magically didn't get it in his mouth. 
But he did have some trouble getting up: 
 Overall he LOVED IT. 
Lots of laughs. 
Lots and lots of laughs. 

Finally, after losing one boot and a wet sock, 
he was finally "ah-done sno." 
So we went in for hot chocolate. 
Which, in my mind, is a REQUIREMENT after playing in the snow. 
I made the hot cocoa in my mug, and then spooned a few sips into his cup. 
 I'd say 75% ended up on his bib, 
but he LOVED it. 
Big smiles and "Mo' Hah Cha-cah" 
It was awesome. 
I love snow. 
And, I guarantee you, 
after a few weeks of shoveling and poor driving condition, 
I will maintain that I HATE snow. 
So I'm riding the happy train while it lasts.

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  1. I love snow, too! Of course, I live a safe enough distance from ever getting any snow that I can love it forever and not have to suffer its repercussions! But it makes me sad that the twins likely won't have their first experience with it for a while?!