Thursday, January 15, 2015

That Time We Had Nachos for Dinner

Lest you ever mistake me for a culinary goddess 
or ever think I'm a snob because my child has never had chicken nuggets for dinner, 
let me assure you that we have our moments too. 

Like that time we had nachos for dinner. 

Aaron didn't want to wait for me to take the picture... 
as you can see from his sneaking finger at the top. 

It was THAT kind of a week. 
We were in desperate Survival Mode already. 
Then Adam joined the club with a sinus infection. 
And now all three of us are on antibiotics! 

My thought process upon opening the fridge for dinner: 

"Hmm... we have taco meat and shredded cheese"  
:: checks pantry ::  
"And no more taco or burrito shells."  
:: pause ::  
"But we have these multigrain Tostitos scoops... 
And if you think about it, 
we'd normally put meat and cheese on processed-white-flour shells anyway... 
so in fact, maybe the multi-grain scoops are healthier

Judge away. 
They were delicious. 


1 comment:

  1. Not judging here- just jealous! It's 6:18 am and I could totally eat some nachos right now. And Aaron has NEVER had chicken nuggets for dinner?? The kid is missing out! Not even a healthy homemade version??