Monday, January 26, 2015

Toddler Involvement

Just this month, I've started to involve Aaron in more of my around-the-house routines. 

And his enthusiasm level is off-the-charts. 

For the longest time, I could do NOTHING in the hours between work and his bedtime.  
But in this new year, things have started to change a little
I'd say partially due to his Thomas train table obsession
which has sparked a fair amount of independent play. 
(Can we get a hallelujah?!?!)

Despite my skepticism, we recently took the plunge with cooking
And he has been SO enthusiastic about it ever since. 
Every time I'm chopping/prepping in the kitchen, 
he runs to our step stool:
"Ah-ron cook?!" 

He always takes out a measuring spoon and helps to "scoop" whatever I'm doing, 
which generally has nothing to do with scooping. 
Of course, any involvement MUST include eating. 
Which I happily allow because it's exposing him to all sorts of ingredients. 
I have learned that my kid loves RAW RED ONION. 
Trust me when I say his breath was appalling

After dinner EVERY night, Aaron asks for bath 
(because nakedness is next to godliness... oh wait, no, no it isn't) 
and just last week I started testing my luck with: 
"Mommy has to clean the kitchen first." 

Side note: 
I SWORE I'd never become that mother that refers to herself as "Mommy."  
I now eat my words. 

Well, wouldn't ya know, Aaron has become an avid dishwashing helper. 
He stands on his step stool and we talk about the items being washed. 
And, if the item is nonbreakable, he is in charge of putting in the dishrack. 
(Of course, everything goes in wrong [upside down] but being married to Adam for ~4 years has trained me to deal with this annoyance and I just fix it later.)
We also use this time to practice colors. 
"What color is this lid?" 

In conclusion, 
I thought I'd NEVER be able to get things done with Aaron around. 
That my productive hours would always be reserved from 7pm-10pm. 
But I'm just now beginning to see the light at the end of that tunnel. 
It's a dim light though. 
Trust me.

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  1. You are totally being an overachiever here so please start being a little less intentional and a little more lazy with your parenting before I start to develop a complex, ok?? But seriously, props to you! We involve the twins in helping to clean up their toys but I don't know if I have the patience (or bravery) to let them help clean up in the kitchen!