Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Classroom of Names

For Valentine's Day, 
our daycare sent an email of all the children's first names in Aaron's class, 
in case we wanted to send in Valentines. 
(You can see my thoughts on sending in cards for one-year-olds here. Snicker)

I have mentioned before that I love Baby Names
and this gave me the perfect opportunity to have some fun, 
by sorting them into the categories my brain sees. 

Traditional, top 100 names: 
Ethan - I also love this name
Samuel - Aaron's BFF

"Old names" making a comeback: 

Traditional names with new spellings**: 

New Trendy Names: 
Riley (girl)

Ethnic Names: 
(I don't mean to be insensitive with this category, 
but I'm not up on name popularity in other cultures) 

Dhruv (Indian boy)
Paulo (Hispanic boy)

Names I wasn't sure where to put... 

For these, I had to consult Baby Voyager

Aubrey - To me, Aubrey sounds "old", but I think that's because I'm relating it to the name "Audrey" where I know several older people.  In reviewing Baby Voyager (here), I found that Aubrey is relatively new and making a huge leap in the recent years!  So I think this may fall into "new trendy names."

Grace - I also thought this was an "older" name, since I had a great-aunt Grace, but its a name I quite often hear on various generations, so I never know its true placement. Sure enough, consulting Baby Voyager (see here), it appears that Grace WAS an older name that is now making quite a comeback.  So interesting!

How would you rearrange this? 

* I just can't get over Nancy on a baby. 
It sounds like SUCH an old name, 
but to see it on a baby is just too cute. 

** I almost titled this "names spelled weird" 
but I realized that was a tad bit rude. 


  1. Ha, I love this list and want to know where you'd put Colby & Clara! I'm guessing Clara would be on old making a comeback and Colby would be on new and trendy, maybe?

    Regarding old names making a comeback, I know people who recently named their babies with the following: Eleanor, Betty, June, and Ruth ... sounds more like a group of grandmas playing bridge, am I right? But still cute!

  2. I would have appreciated the "names spelled weird" title. I guess I don't fully understand the draw to spell a name differently than what everyone knows. It kinda seems snoody, like "Our Megan is better than your Megan because ours is spelled Meaghan" Why do this to your kid? It's so annoying to have to always spell your name. I always have to say "Meyers, M-E-Y" it's just automatic at this point. I can't imagine that with my first name too! And then all the comments people probably make "oh that's unique!" Or "never seen it spelled like that before!" I wonder what kids in that situation will say in ten years about it: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d3/58/fa/d358fa48e2e62b917256ae8a4290799d.jpg